FingerSCAN ePrintsID
FingerSCAN ePrintsID
FingerSCAN ePrintsID

FingerSCAN ePrintsID

An automated system that captures fingerprints digitally accurately. It mainly allows field officers and investigators to get the biometric identification of perpetrators done easily using an Android device.

The solution is integrated with Biometrics Watson Mini FBI certified fingerprint scanner that helps in generating e-fingerprints on the go.

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  • Service Biometrics
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Process Followed

To bring the app idea into the light of day, what needs to be followed is the right course during the mobile app development process. That’s exactly what we did while developing FingerScan EPrints ID app, we followed a standard process. The stages included - designing, creation, development, and post-development.

FingerSCAN ePrintsID

Problem Identification

There are cases where investigating officers require a fingerprint but by dint of conventional method of scanning, the identification of criminals and other people at a crime scene may take time. Therefore it becomes significant to put an end to the ink-capturing method of securing fingerprints and implement a digital and portable biometric mobile scanner.

  • Increase overall safety and security
  • Capture digital fingerprints
  • Secure demographic details and fingerprint images
  • Build a solution compliant with DHS 4300A and FBI CJIS mobile security policies
FingerSCAN ePrintsID

Feasibility Study

A law enforcement officer, while investigating a case, needs to be precise and quick. With that said, the person is liable to bring people to justice with proper and accurate identification of a culprit. Therefore, to help the team and such officers in the matter, we aim to create an android application which allows crime investigators to capture digital elimination fingerprints in the phone itself.

  • Certified biometric scanner to generate electronic fingerprints
  • Generates a double-sided elimination fingerprint card
  • Incorporated with palm print biometrics
  • Secure FTP or uploaded to a workstation via USB connection
  • Automates scanning of fingerprints for large batches


User research

Two of the most crucial elements of an app is its design and target audience. Therefore, to get the frame of reference for both the components, we enacted research among the target audience. This made us cogitate about the entire app development strategy.

Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshops undoubtedly add great value to any project. In order to assess the secure and private fingerprinting solution, it was significant to conduct a discovery workshop and educate the members about the project comprehensively who are involved in the development process. The session nurtured the team and further helped them to understand how the product is going to be beneficial for the target audience.

Not every app is the same and this is why every app is followed by a different plan of action. To engineer an all-inclusive and highly enhanced security solution, the team discussed the project requirements down to the smallest possible details. They mainly put the discussion into incorporating features that can capture digital fingerprints and also ensure accuracy. By session came to an end, we enlightened our client to formulate advanced cloud-based biometric technology.

Competitor Analysis

While developing any of the solutions, keeping a close eye on your competitors, who are in the same business as yours, is a must. Consequently, we carried out a competitive analysis to identify strengths, threats, and opportunities for our solution.

FingerSCAN ePrintsID

The Challenges

Unlike other software solutions, developing a fingerprint scanning solution can be quite a challenging task because apart from consolidating intuitive dashboard and UI, the application has to be secured with regulatory compliance also. Our noteworthy team of app developers came across the following challenges -

  • State-of-the-art cloud-based biometric technology
  • Capable of capturing ISO/ANSI standard fingerprint images
  • Ensures security and accuracy of the biometric identification
  • Put an end to the ink-capture method of capturing fingerprint
  • Scan and rescan fingers relatively quickly
  • SDK allows officers to add instant biometric functionality

Final Outcome

After exploring the project requirement, our team of well-versed developers, with technical know-how, crafted a solution that leverages investigators to capture the fingerprints right at the scene of the event. The solution was subsumed under Kotic programming language with notable features which are as follows -

  • Microsoft Azure government cloud hosting
  • Top-level identification with API implementation
  • Digital fingerprint scanner speeds up the processing time
  • Originate double-sided elimination fingerprint card
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure, simple and accessible to all
FingerSCAN ePrintsID
Information Architecture
FingerSCAN ePrintsID
FingerSCAN ePrintsID
FingerSCAN ePrintsID
FingerSCAN ePrintsID
Technology Stack

The QSS team did an amazing job in getting the project completed the way I needed it to. Got the project done within budget and timeline too.