A service-oriented mobile solution which allows service seekers to find and connect with the right professionals and servicers belonging to different verticals.

Gmento acts as unified platforms for requesters and service providers and quenches the thirst of those who are longing for professional service providers.

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  • Service Social Networking
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Process Followed

Developing an app is more than just putting a sheer idea into action. From creating a steadfast user interface to app layout, there are plenty of such efforts that have to be settled by a team of seasoned programmers when it comes to prospering an innovative solution. The development team at QSS fell in line with the five-step eloquent strategy to shape the app as solicited.


Problem Identification

In this demanding digital age where every customer asks for clear-sailing services, it is a pity to know that connecting with the right professionals and finding service providers of different verticals is somehow few and far between. Thus, the aim of QSS is to come up with a platform that can bring requesters and service providers in just one click.

  • Corroborate trained and verified service providers
  • Manage service requests on fingertips
  • One tap support through chat or call
  • Easy submission of query/ complaints

Feasibility Study

After discussing the designs and other important elements regarding the project, the team of programmers conducted a preliminary analysis and projected to curate a platform that can weld together the claimants and service offerers. We, through this app, endeavour to achieve great heights in the market of similar ventures.

  • Access to a diverse range of fields & categories
  • Schedule service alternative for seekers
  • Real-time request tracking on the app itself
  • Bookmark recourse of favourite service provider
  • Filtered search based on the distance, service, and experience


User research

From housewives to businessmen, we canvassed through people of different groups and ages and realized ground level nuisance people are facing pertaining to non-availability of trusted service providers in haste.

Product discovery workshop

Conjuring up an app is not as simple as it sounds. It appears to be one of the most challenging tasks for programmers. Product discovery workshop is, therefore, a crucial manoeuvre to carry out before the development phase. It educates the team about the product and acts as a bridge between developers and product knowledge. Our team of professionals who were working on the project attended the session where they acquainted clients with the product backlog, a user story map and a pragmatic release plan.

The overall discovery session was executed well and helped in establishing the idea towards dealing with the technical implementation of the project according to the need of the product. The client also addressed a few of the issues which appeared quite challenging to our in-house team, however, our strategy to surmount such problems stood out a mile to the client. By the end of the workshop, we were already eager to begin the app development process.

Competitor Analysis

A market inspection helps to analyse competitors' modus operandi and the tactics they are taking on to target maximum user base. It also helps you to develop an eye towards industry and category trends.


The Challenges

Creating something that triumphs with the bottleneck competition and stands unique in the market is difficult to penetrate without any hurdles. Our in-house team of top developers came across a handful of challenges while developing the solution out of which some major challenges are -

  • Encompass simple and engaging UI/ UX
  • Compliance with GDPR standards
  • Secure multiple payment options
  • Transparent service operations
  • Robust backend to endure service providers’ database
  • Incorporate GPS tracking to know whereabouts of service providers

Final Outcome

Our expert team of developers formulated a compelling hybrid application that seamlessly integrates and works in sync with the web UI. The application adequately fulfils the demand of connecting users with a number of trained service providers on a fingertip.

  • Easily navigable dashboard
  • Dual login facility for servicers as well as requestors
  • More than 50 services to choose from
  • Receive mapped and localized responses from service providers
  • Push alert for any service/ query updates
  • Multi-language support
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

I would definitely recommend QSS to those who are looking for an amazing team to work with. The company was prompt and delivered my app within the timeline. I guess their expertise in the business made them what they are.