An online multi-level reward program integrated with the most popular shopping websites. It enables users to earn cashback during an online purchase and also when someone in their network shops.

With easy navigability and indelible experience, it empowers users to manage all their rewards and cashbacks via the dashboard.

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Process Followed

An app opens up new opportunities for business growth and to get the legacy going, the team of innovative professionals who hold a virtuoso in shaping up the app followed a thoughtful and steady approach which comprised- idea generation and analysis, designing, development and post-launch stages.


Problem Identification

The market is swamped with cashback and reward apps. Such apps besieged users with exciting cashback offers and gift cards but most of them instead make arrangements of coupons and promo codes and leave users with deceived feelings. What we aim is to provide users with instant cashbacks and easy withdrawals that can make them earn a few extra bucks.

  • Integrated with popular shopping websites
  • Allow users to invite friends and build a network
  • Users can explore through latest store offers and rewards
  • Permit users to provide feedback

Feasibility Study

To examine the market and understand the viability of the proposal, we ran an assessment to get familiar with the practicality of the proposed project and also acknowledged the positive and negative repercussions. After analysing the sustainability of the project, our team of efficient and skilled developers decided the project benchmark and the functionalities to build a competent solution.

  • Push notifications for rewards and promotions updates
  • No redemption fee is charged
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Loyalty levels are created based on shopping frequency
  • Manage cashbacks and rewards through the dashboard


User research

While crafting a solution, the development team is pretty much clear about their target audience. We kept the users in mind and carried out research to understand their viewpoint which gives the idea of what features we can implement in our app that can stand appealing to such target groups.

Product discovery workshop

Following through detailed research is one of the elements that makes the project a long run. Product discovery workshop is a considerable and pivotal briefing session that serves the benefit of educating the team in carrying out a planning phase of forming a digital product. From the client’s objective to competition and market opportunities, the project development team got to learn a lot about the product and its necessity.

During the session, the client discussed some user personas and core elements which could be administered in the application. We also talked about how we can provide our target groups with a more personalized experience and reward program to reap the maximum benefit of first in its kind app. The overall session very much helped the team to gain an insight into the client’s prospect and prepared us to function accordingly.

Competitor Analysis

Although GoodFind is the first multi-level reward program, it was not needed to inspect the market but keeping a close eye on those who belong to the similar industry anyhow helps to identify strengths, threats, and opportunities for the solution.


The Challenges

The most important part of app development is to make the UI/ UX intuitive so much so it can win the target audience and overpower the competition. Grappling with such implementations, our in-company experts confronted a few challenges of which some major ones are given below.

  • Eliminate the practice of coupons, mail-in rebates, or promo codes
  • Allow sending gift cards directly via the app to anyone in contact
  • Provides outstanding user experience with flawless navigation
  • Multiple and secure payment options
  • Enable users to access the app with a single set of login credentials
  • Integrate app for different devices and screen size compatibility

Final Outcome

With uniform efforts, the team of seasoned developers and designers constructed a native cross-platform app that fulfils the demand of users and makes them earn fruitful cashbacks and gift cards. The app is amalgamated with JavaScript programming language with MySQL database for back-end tech stack.

  • Seamless integration of complex backend process
  • Redeem points for gift cards or credit to PayPal account
  • Facebook Connect or any other social media log-in
  • Provide users with no navigability issue and clean architecture
  • Advanced search options for users to discover favourite items
  • Multi-level reward program
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

QSS team has adeptness in formulating new-age apps driving them with cutting-edge technology. The team rolled through several techniques and constructed a productive hybrid app.