Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App

Goal Plan System App

A well-regulated management system which sketches out future courses of actions to be followed in an organization and establishes effective coordination and participation among employees and management.

From projects and KPIs to asset, documents and attendance management, Goal Planning System handles all and aligns the organization’s viable strategies.

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Process Followed

While designing an application, it is necessary to meet your client's expectations and pay attention to devising some extraordinary features that stand out to the users and solve their problem altogether. Considering all these factors, QSS Technosoft followed an inventive yet dynamic approach of developing the app.

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Goal Plan System App

Problem Identification

Setting up individuals of varied interests and diverse backgrounds is quite an arduous task. On top of that, managing the activities of each employee and extracting the best out of each is still a challenge for many organizations. We see organization management as a flourishing affair and thus aim to build a system that manages all the organizational activities on the go and boosts the goal planning approach for the businesses.

  • Keep business on track with aligned goal management
  • Enhanced collaboration across teams
  • Quickly adapt organizational and individual goal requirements
  • Easily track, discuss and adjust goals in real-time
Goal Plan System App

Feasibility Study

While having a conversation with the client, we reached a decision that the goal management solution, we are devising, will cater to all the management needs and will work as only smart goal management took for the organizations. From measuring and managing employees' detailed records to asset and document administration, this goal planning system will set clear and straightened purposes.

  • Search filter to access particular details
  • Allow employees to change the status of the task from the listing screen
  • Create virtual teams to collaborate on goals
  • Drive high-performance work culture
  • Allow managers to add continuous feedback for employees


User research

This solution will ultimately be going to benefit working professionals so we gathered the insights of product managers, employees, HRs and many other office goers to know the necessity of a goal planning system in an organization.

Product discovery workshop

We had the idea. We had the resources as well. Now, all we needed to do was to execute the idea and outline the development process to make the product a great market fit. Having said that, we organized a product discovery workshop where we intended to estimate the scope of the project as well as the huge risk involved with it. Discovery workshops are a crucial segment of the app development phase that very much helps to understand the project requirements and many other major related components.

Our development team provided the product roadmap to the client which involved - user flows, interactions, integrations and other design criteria. Afterall discovery workshop is just not the step of finding the right solution but to also facilitate the right foundation to kick-start the project and steer it in an appropriate direction. The developers characterized the value proposition and gave a quick rundown on the smart development process.

Competitor Analysis

A sneak into the market helps you anticipate what's around the corner for your business. With that said, we carried out a competitive analysis and capitalized on the information of what the apps of our competitors do well in, what they may lack and how we can make ours better than them.

Goal Plan System App

The Challenges

Every application is unique in its own way. This is why the roadblocks are not always the same for each of them. While building a goal planning system, our well-versed team of developers chanced upon certain challenges out of which major ones are given below.

  • Establish coordination and participation between management and employees
  • Keeps track of the owners with assignment
  • Create a strategy with regular goal reporting
  • Update goals and check the team’s progress instantly
  • Manage actionable analytics & reports
  • Enhancing the security of the information and shared files

Final Outcome

Our seasoned team of app developers built a crackerjack organizational goal planning app by incorporating groundbreaking features and over the top functionalities. This one-of-its-kind solution is developed on flexible and innovation-friendly Java and Kotlin languages.

  • Simplified and inventive dashboard
  • Easy to align organizational priorities
  • Ensure continued progress via regular review
  • Real-time reports management
  • Sync with data for automating reporting
  • Built-in notifications for important activities
Goal Plan System App
Information Architecture
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Goal Plan System App
Technology Stack

To make your app the market-dominant, I will suggest you guys to go for QSS Technosoft. They have a team of talented programmers whose creative approach is what makes your app unique and win all praise from the users.