Hygiene Index App
Hygiene Index App
Hygiene Index App

Hygiene Index App

It is a constructive solution that evaluates the current hygiene status in different states of India. The hygiene condition is basically assessed on six factors, commonly known as hygiene sectors.

This sanitation application promotes hygiene and sanitation among citizens of India and encourages them to understand the value of cleanliness.

  • Country India
  • Service Healthcare
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

The QSS team executed a well-thought-out strategy to tailor an app that matches the specific business requirements of the client. The five-step consolidated process involved - identification of the problem, feasible analysis of the project followed by addressing relevant solutions and turning the idea into a product.

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Hygiene Index App

Problem Identification

There is no doubt that improved hygiene and sanitation helps in keeping the country disinfected and cleaned. Focusing on assessing the current hygiene status across India, we aimed to develop an application that keeps the record of sanitized areas and helps in maintaining the hygiene condition of the country based on different parameters.

  • Focus on six sectors of hygiene
  • Enables decision-makers to understand sanitation challenges
  • Determining the hygiene level on a scale of 1 to 5
  • Real-time visibility of hygiene level
Hygiene Index App

Feasibility Study

To address the rising need for hygiene and sanitation all over India, a tool that appraises the hygiene performance of the country on the grounds of hygienic measures and keeps the records of sanitized cities was necessary to build. Our skilled team of developers examined the market to embark on app development.

  • Reporting of consolidated data for effective allocation of resources
  • Allow co-workers and suppliers to provide feedback
  • Automatically sync all the data
  • Sort campaigns to target segments
  • Manages user data in a centralized place


User research

Before getting into the development process, we carried out detailed user research to understand the user's viewpoint for such an application and what is that unique feature they wish to have in it. This helped us understand the basic requirement of the application to carry on with the app idea.

Product discovery workshop

In order to set the right foundation for the solution, it is crucial for project managers and web developers to have a clear knowledge of various stages of development. The product discovery workshop manages to set that ground to a certain extent. The core purpose of this workshop is to understand client expectations and steer the project with quality and experience.

We thoroughly discussed industry problems, strategic analysis, niche targets, etc. with our client and conveniently built a structured roadmap by streamlining the entire development process of the app notifying the client and stakeholders about every step of the way. At the end of the session, we finally compiled all the project requirements and readied ourselves to begin with the application development.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis is one of the important elements to consider and explore in order to sketch the marketing strategy of the solution. Subsequently, we carried out industry research and examined all the similar applications. This helped us understand the areas we can excel in.

Hygiene Index App

The Challenges

The team of web developers and cloud specialists at QSS faced slight difficulties while consolidating features and different functionality in the app. Few of the major challenges we encountered are -

  • Incorporate a seamless and exceptional UI and functionality
  • Making app compatible with different devices & screen sizes
  • Allowing policymakers to focus on the outputs
  • Implement responsive architecture
  • All the records to be accessible on a fingertip
  • Live tracking of hygiene conditions in cities

Final Outcome

The seasoned team of skilled and experienced developers built an on-demand user-friendly hygiene and sanitation app that evaluates the hygiene status in different areas across India and keeps the account of sanitized cities.

  • HIPAA compliance and HL7 standards
  • Allowing cloud-based storage for all the data
  • Adding events and logs in easy steps
  • In-app configurable security features
  • Push alert for volunteers to act promptly
  • Measures to deal with sanitation challenges
Hygiene Index App
Information Architecture
Hygiene Index App
Hygiene Index App
Hygiene Index App
Hygiene Index App
Technology Stack

We chose QSS and it was indeed a righteous decision. Their work is satisfying and meets the end-user expectations.