Lighthouse App

It is a full-fledged community-building platform where cancer patients share their stories and
document their journey to reduce stress, anxiety and isolation. It helps others to cope up during and after treatment by offering support and guidance during a difficult time.

Lighthouse app facilitates users to form a community with like-minded people to actively share guidance and tips regarding the cancer treatment.

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Process Followed

The end result of the app depends upon the consistent hardships put through by all the members of the development team involved in the project. As everyone wants it to be worthwhile, QSS Technosoft paid attention to carrying out a well-thought-out strategy to tailor an app that matches the specific business requirements of the client. We followed a standard five-step consolidated process during the development of this app.


Problem Identification

In this modern world where the evolution of diseases is a major threat to society, cancer has come into existence as the severe and most rapidly growing illness. Most of the patients suffering from cancer are in need of emotional and inspirational support. The client after addressing such issues in the society approached us with the idea of building an online community app connecting cancer patients to help each other.

  • Allows users to register as a patient, survivor or others
  • Secure and immersive virtual space
  • Easily navigable cancer-related stories on the homepage
  • Send or receive messages to or outside connections

Feasibility Study

When the client approached us with the idea of making a community-building platform which connects people with the person in a similar situation and helps them find guidance, they acquainted us with their basic requirements as per the business. There were many notable functionalities that were needed to implement such as users to contact each other in-app, easy importation of user-data etc.

  • Encourages users to share, connect, communicate, and engage
  • Users were allowed to create private, semi-private and public forums
  • Facilitates peer to peer engagement
  • Backed with member directory feature
  • Easy enabling private IMs


User research

In order to understand the viewpoint of target groups about this digital mobile app idea, we conducted contextual inquiry research among cancer patients. This helped us understand the user types, their needs and the pain points and how to design a thriving digital community platform where they can address each other’s necessities.

Product discovery workshop

What is more important during the development of an app is to completely analyse and comprehend the objectives the client is targeting to achieve. In order to do so, the in-house team of QSS Technosoft conducted a product discovery workshop which was solely carried out to crystalize the business idea and discover the real potential of the product. Discovery workshop is a pre-development stage of product development usually arranged in the presence of the client and the members who are handling the project.

It is nearly impossible to get through the possibilities and create an app without understanding the underlying requirements. For that reason, the well-versed project development team discussed the functionalities to consider in this cancer community-based app such as tech stack, potential users, and what specific features needed to add for enhanced user experience flow. With the help of this five-day workshop, our team developed an eye and set a vision towards the app development planning.

Competitor Analysis

We inspected the market for similar applications and acknowledged the business strategy of our competitors. We executed a competitive analysis which contributed to understanding the areas we can make improvement and develop a customer ready app.

The Challenges

Since the new-age programming continues to improve, it makes app development an amazing field to be associated with, although at the same time, it appears quite challenging for app developers when it comes to employing specific features.

  • Devising tracking capabilities and summary reports
  • Multi-channel support
  • Build real-time e-communication
  • Incorporating a large amount of data in the UI
  • Allow user to personalize app as per their comfort
  • Leveraging patients with a wide range of stories and caregiver support

Final Outcome

After laying hold of every requirement and analysing the practicality of a proposed project, we presented the client with wireframes and defined the complete process flow. The QSS Technosoft team followed the agile methodology and determined the primacy of the features to get to MVP.

  • Seamless integration of complex backend processing
  • Compatible with different devices & screen sizes
  • Allow tagging of real-time observation
  • Multi-language support
  • Social integration with cancer survivors and fighters
  • Facilitates online mentoring program
Information Architecture
Technology Stack














I am immensely happy by the efforts the QSS Technosoft team have put in my project. The top-notch team of highly versatile peers devised the app as exactly as I needed it.

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