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An automated tool that stimulates various Linkedin functionalities and helps people find leads and expand social networks in a few easy steps.

Linkedin Gennie is backed with many lucrative features such as creating autoresponder messaging for new connections, building a targeted mailing list etc.

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Process Followed

The rising demand for mobile apps are resulting in the highly competitive app market. To bring the app idea into the light of day and construct a thriving solution is almost impossible without abiding by the right course of action. Our team of proficient app developers took the requirements into consideration and developed a well-thought-out strategy to head start the app-building activity.

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Problem Identification

Boosting LinkedIn posts, profiles and getting hundreds of connections and endorsements from other users have always been a wearying job. We too understand the struggle and the need for more connections in this winner-takes-all cut-throat competitive market. Therefore, we are aiming to build a solution which helps users to grow their Linkedin network and automatically drives engagements to the company page.

  • Abolish unreliable endorsements
  • Establish the professional networking platform
  • Dismissal of third party recruiters
  • Implementation of profile auto-visitors

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study looks into the project idea and analyses the practicability of the proposal in the coming future. There are numerous reasons to conduct such a study for your project as it narrows down the project requirements, operational aspect etc. We discussed all the major elements of Linkedin Gennie with the client and figured out the principal function of the app.

  • Help professionals with their network expansion
  • Workable for every part of the business connection
  • Allows to build own lead generation funnel
  • Avoid intersections between campaigns
  • Endorse contacts automatically


User research

An amazing app is not built but crafted. Nonetheless, how actually should you craft the app so that it garners the positive result is what the question is? Talking to the target audience and gaining insight into their wants & needs pretty much does the job and we at QSS Technosoft carried out the user research to understand how the users interact with the product.

Product discovery workshop

The core purpose of a product discovery workshop is not only to cater to the necessity of the project but also to garner client expectations and facilitate them with the solution they are zeroing in on launching in the market. In a nutshell, the product discovery workshop is the pre-development stage of gathering and sharing relevant project information between the client and the project team.

All the members of the project development team interacted with the client and tried to be cognizant of a prerequisite of the product. They followed a product thinking mindset and focused on outlining the technical requirements to build a solution that would serve the needs as well as drive business results. Product discovery workshop helped the developers and other team members gain a better understanding of the journey of product exploration.

Competitor Analysis

Conducting a competitive analysis of your product helps it in many ways. With the market inspection, one can know how the competitors outrank you which also makes you create your own business strategy for your app and help it to appear as a winner.


The Challenges

Mobile app development goes through many different phases. Not all phases are easy to process through which results in making our well-versed developers face some sets of issues and challenges. Major difficulties encountered by the developers and the team while creating a Linkedin Gennie app is given below

  • Create and implement an API strategy
  • Adequately integrate the system for professional users
  • Formulate advanced search filters
  • Devise sales alerts and in-mail messages
  • Third-party integration
  • Customizable platform and real-time reporting

Final Outcome

After sketching the app idea and carrying out some market research, QSS Technosoft's excellent team of programmers implemented each and every step cautiously and built an automated tool that counts in a successful app.

  • Fully responsive dashboard
  • Works as only sales navigator automation tool
  • Automate lead generation efforts
  • Manage alerts, escalations and activity tracking
  • Comes with invite canceller feature
  • Skill assessment and multimedia support
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

A thankyou would not be enough for the exceptional work done by the QSS Technosoft team. I absolutely loved my app and everything is fantastic. Loads of praises to the team!