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Operating as a complete CRM solution, this multipurpose application manages all the sales, marketing and operations of customer assistance with ease. It allows sales executives to sell international SIM and cheaper internet packs for smartphones to international travellers.

This highly versatile application allows sales executives to keep track of all the sales opportunities and activities.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service Telecommunication
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

When it comes to streamlining the process of developing an app, we at QSS believe in following a systematic approach and making a solution that fulfils the client’s demand and proves to be fruitful for the target audience. From recognizing the practicality of the product to crafting a consolidated application, we planned the development process at every stage.

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Problem Identification

Travelling is fun and pleasant, however, it sometimes appears to be cumbersome too. International roaming and internet packs are the most common problems faced by international travellers. These tourists are bound to spend more money than usual for roaming services. Our aim is to provide them with less costly international SIM cards and internet packs to make their journey easy and enjoyable.

  • Make International SIM cards and cheap internet packs available
  • Easy tracking of sales activities for executives
  • Evaluation of market effectiveness through prospect metrics
  • Providing custom modules to incorporate CRM arrangement
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Feasibility Study

To meet predetermined ends, we kept a close eye on the growing market trends and proposed to develop an intuitive web responsive mobile application which will manage all the sales activities and will operate as the only manageable system to track all the arrangements and matrices. We aimed to build a complete CRM solution that will help in improving operations and drive better customer experience.

  • Safe and systemized records of users
  • Incorporating notifications reminder for different time zones to administer accordingly
  • Integrate external applications supportively
  • Allow running customer marketing campaigns
  • Track sales opportunities with ease


User research

In any industry, it is believed that if you have understood your target audience well, half the battle is already won. While conducting user research we paid heed on acknowledging every single pain-points and need of our end users.

Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshops are the best way to foster the innovation which would further lead the business to grow. It is one of the earliest steps which helps in the planning and development stage of a product. We carried out a discovery workshop in mainly three stages 1) Know the project and its requirement 2) Know the target audience 3) Streamline the entire development process. It helped our project development team to get a clear picture of the product and what value it will add in a user's life.

After the successful discovery workshop, our in-house team of developers and designers developed an eye on how the product will be shaped into a fruitful asset. The team also addressed some important questions regarding the budget, overall production timeline, expected user behaviours etc. In the end, we mapped out the functionality of the end-users because after all, this is the group we are eventually targeting.

Competitor Analysis

After the user research and product discovery workshop, it was important for us to discover similar solutions available in the market in order to identify the resourcefulness of these apps and the business strategy of their deliverers.

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The Challenges

Sometimes developing an application seems nothing less than climbing a mountain. It is because there are many common inquiries a development team comes across while crafting a solution.

  • Offer real-time sales and data updates
  • Providing seamless integration between web view and native view
  • Inbuilt GDPR functionality protects data privacy
  • Assign leads to sales staff for follow-up
  • Mark regular activities through the calendar
  • Providing with accurate conversion and census reports

Final Outcome

After ensuring the range of advantages confined with a solution and in-depth analysis of the project, our seasoned team of developers crafted adept solutions prioritizing user experience, user interface, and clear internal structures.

  • Intuitive UI/UX with responsive dashboard
  • Data synchronization with the cloud
  • Easy navigation through task management
  • Customized reports and dashboards for transparent statistics view
  • Automate some aspects of the sales process
  • Web and Call Automation and Integration
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Information Architecture
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Technology Stack

I feel fortunate enough to partner with the QSS team for my app development. The team has expertise in managing and completing the project within the timeline and team is literally the powerhouse of knowledge.