MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App

MATRIX Travel App

It is a one-stop solution that provides a unique and personalized travel experience to users along with guaranteed discounts at International SIM cards, global sightseeing, and many other travel services.

This react-native app is bundled with rich design and marvellous features that give you the most amazing travel experience.

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  • Service Tours & Travel
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

We, at QSS, follow a simple and rigid course of action to turn the abstract idea into an actual solution. A specifically nurtured approach aids in the effectiveness of the solution. The strategy we carry on with is a concoction of five different phases in which we analyse the product and implement solutions in order to sustain the final product that would be competent in the market.

MATRIX Travel App

Problem Identification

Travel, for some, works as a stress remedy while for others it is one of the ways to get out of the busy schedule. However, travellers often come across many of the common hardships such as international roaming bills, foreign currency exchange etc. For that and keeping tons of other travel hitches in mind, we aimed at crafting a highly effective app that provides an organised travel plan to users and is customized for different business models.

  • Data synchronization with the cloud
  • Enable collaborative travel option
  • Implement travel itinerary generator
  • Currency converter feature
MATRIX Travel App

Feasibility Study

The travel industry has witnessed a great swell of success in the last few years. One of the reasons is that the users are reaping the benefits of travel deals, offers and online bookings over mobile. When the client approached us for the travel app development, we understood the demand and planned on crafting the travel solution that offers users a comprehensive solution.

  • Customer rich experience app design
  • Interactive and manageable travel schedules
  • Travel bookings on fingertips
  • Allow virtual touring
  • Agent management system


User research

We conducted one to one interview with a group of travellers from different countries to carry out our user research fragment. The main objective behind this research was to understand the user’s travel needs, pain points, etc.

Product discovery workshop

When it comes to developing an app, the project discovery workshop is like an innovative technique that helps in learning the product thinking mindset and thereby drive business results. The QSS team held a discovery workshop session with the client and discussed essential activities and identified crucial challenges that developers and designers may run into during the development stage of the application.

Our team of professionals learned a lot from this discovery workshop. It helped them understand the core purpose of the application such as how to close the gap between business vision and the reality of customer needs, mindsets and methods for taking an early idea or a vision to success, how one should shape the idea into a tangible product as well as create an MVP to attract investors, etc.

Competitor Analysis

Weighing the strengths and flaws of your competitors is very necessary as it helps in developing the application with features most of your competitors missed to incorporate. The QSS team winded up the competitive analysis before starting the app development process.

MATRIX Travel App

The Challenges

Amidst the distinct phases of planning and designing an application, a team of app developers comes across many complications such as suitable development technology, screen size compatibility etc. Here we have mentioned some additional challenges encountered during the app development.

  • High-quality UI designs and smooth interactions
  • Implementing geolocation
  • Enable weather forecasting service
  • Local emergency services and insurance
  • Integrated social feed
  • Offer other travel-related services

Final Outcome

Our team of well-versed mobile app developers with the requisite skill and experience geared themselves up during the rapid buildout of the solution and finally delivered a competent travel app that engages the users and gives them the most amazing travel experiences.

  • Travel Destination Feed
  • Instant one-tap booking
  • Compiled discounts on global sightseeing
  • International travel insurance
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Real-time push notifications
MATRIX Travel App
Information Architecture
MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App
MATRIX Travel App
Technology Stack

The QSS team was really wonderful to work with. They were highly professional and attentively listened to our requirements. I will suggest you QSS for any of your future projects.

Anonymous Founder