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Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App

Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App

A framework that monitors and manages aircraft health systems. AHMS functions to improve the security and dependability of the aircraft by improving the sortie rate at the same time.

It also helps in manual fault reporting and shortens the maintenance cycle by a large margin.

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  • Service Transportation
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Process Followed

After discussing the basic details of the solution requirement from the customer, we followed an extensive process of developing an application that manages the aircraft health system and designed by prioritizing user convenience. We settled through the process by getting a complete grasp of problems and their potential solutions.

  • Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring AppPROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring AppFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring AppSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring AppCHALLENGES
  • Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring AppFINAL OUTCOME
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App

Problem Identification

Security and management of an aircraft need to be monitored in the first place to prevent the erroneous situation in an aircraft. Therefore, we aim to consider all the areas and measures carefully to come up with effective health monitoring and management system. Key priority areas of building a solution would be -

  • Performing remote monitoring of aircraft data
  • Deliver improved analytical output while optimizing safety for varied aircraft
  • Providing fault resolution statistics
  • Improving the security and dependability of an aircraft
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App

Feasibility Study

A proper monitoring system depends upon the method of implementation being carried out in an alarming situation. It can be arduous without forming the proper structure. After viable analysis, we have reached a conclusion to build a cross-platform solution to eliminate all the possibilities of failure. Major focus areas would be -

  • Enable sensors on the aircraft that monitor critical activities
  • A cabin person to respond quickly on an emergency situation
  • The easy linkage between the network and the incident management centre
  • Firsthand support outlining for such occurrences


User research

Reviewed individuals and led a short opinion poll among passengers, cabin crew members and flight attendants to understand what they think of the health monitoring and management system for an aircraft. We also tried to pull out an idea from masses on developing a solution that shows real-time data managed incidents as well as fault and resolution statistics.

Product discovery workshop

As a software development company, it becomes important for us to brainstorm ideas with customers to develop a solution. When clients come to us with their vision and ask us to describe all the important aspects of an application, we give a rough idea of the goal and scope of the digital product and try to work out with any doubts they have.

The intention behind a workshop is to streamline the entire product development process and to provide all the details related to the solution. We discussed with clients how adding attributes such as current aircraft status, several technicalities can help users in many aspects. We also acquainted them with our plan for other AHMS work activities.

Competitor Analysis

A constant competitor analysis ensures the place of a brand in a market. We conducted thorough business research and probed that there are many aircraft health monitor systems in the market with impressive key features. Consequently, we keep that in mind and listed the improvisations to be made in our aircraft health management application.

Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App

The Challenges

Our team of developers, keeping the client’s requirements in mind, encountered below challenges while immersing themselves in building a convenient and valuable aircraft health management system -

  • Adding real-time fault notification for a prompt response
  • Including current aircraft status update
  • Detecting the failure situations of the system in an aircraft
  • Put on notification for recently reported faults
  • Coming up with a system based on wireless sensor network technology
  • Showing reported critical faults with detailed log entries comprised of Destination name/code and ETA, Fault part & message with date/time.

Final Outcome

After identifying and capturing the requirements, team QSS came up with a cross-platform (hybrid) mobility solution that manages the aircraft system and enables health monitoring with improved security. This web and mobile application provide alternate data servers in case of critical fault due to natural calamity. Major features of the application are -

  • A map to show flight’s current geographical position to keep workflow under the status
  • The details of flight can be perceived with only a hovering of a mouse over a flight
  • Provided with a widget that notifies the interruptions status reported by aircrafts
  • Easy grid and card view of tickets created against incidents
  • Different colour code to determine the cruciality of the fault where Green indicates the flights being grounded without any faults, Yellow means the flights are operating with non-critical faults and Red color demonstrates the flights that need immediate attention for critical faults.
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Information Architecture
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Mitsubishi-Aircraft health monitoring App
Technology Stack

The app does exactly what it says. A panic button instantly reports the fault and alarms the crew members. Good going team, keep adding more updates.