My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App

My Fleet Health App

It is a fleet management system that ensures the health of the vehicles and properly monitors all the maintenance needs of commercial vehicles backed with top-class health maintenance technology.

My Fleet Health provides end-to-end fleet management solutions and controls the vehicle and asset-related operations which further improves the overall lifecycle of the fleet.

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  • Service Transportation
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Process Followed

Creating functional and high-quality apps have always been our forte and that is what clients like about us. We create mobile solutions that are valuable to customers. For that, the QSS Technosoft team follows a specific plan of action which is solely based on the nature of the app. Our comprehensive app development process comprises of five-eloquent steps which involve - Identification of Problem, Feasible Analysis of the Product, App Development, Deployment and Post-Development Stage.

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My Fleet Health App

Problem Identification

Fleet vehicles require the best proactive maintenance however, carrying out the strategies to take care of the vehicle needs are not easy at all. From motor light status to fuel level and battery, there are many such engine data which requires regular monitoring. Our aim is to create an all-in-one solution that improves the health of the fleets by inspecting and determining fleet operations at best.

  • Improve supervisions and safety
  • Reduce unexpected downtimes of fleet
  • IoT enabled technology helps in tracking vehicle
  • Monitor driver responses and safety protocols
My Fleet Health App

Feasibility Study

Fleet management solutions not only help in improving businesses but also ameliorate the vehicle's health and enhance the efficiency to make it run longer on the road. After discussing the app’s important aspects with clients, we started working on the digital fleet management solution from the initial stage and focused on developing it to the core that solves all the fleet-related problems.

  • Generate customized reports to assess the loopholes
  • Improve vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Enhance the maintenance of unparalleled workflow
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for fleet's health monitoring


User research

Before putting the app into the production stage, it was necessary to identify user requirements and the problems they are currently facing in fleet management industries. This user research gave us an insight into the demand of users belonging to the fleet industry in order to carry out improved fleet operations.

Product discovery workshop

Being a leading app development company, our only focus is to develop an extraordinary app that counts on potential users and solve all their problems. Considering all these pivotal components, the only thing that gives the right structure and focused product vision during the development stage is the product discovery workshop. Unlike any other app development strategy, it figures out every single opportunity of the product.

The main purpose of the workshop is to understand the scope of the project which can be a comprehensive evaluation of technical requirements, the implementation plans & roadmaps etc. The members of the development team attentively listened to the client's needs and what they want to achieve through this app. The team then mapped out the product design and described the major elements that would be considered as important behaviours while developing the app.

Competitor Analysis

Carrying out a competitive analysis in the market helps to understand the rival's strategies which further provides us with a distinct advantage and the shortcomings within the market.

My Fleet Health App

The Challenges

Productivity and profitability play a significant role in fleet management. While developing My Fleet Health app, the team of app developers came across difficulties in managing modules that can identify cases of leaks and fuel drain. Apart from these, the team of programmers faced some other challenges as well out of which major ones are given below.

  • Devise solution to get a timely recommendation for fleet residual value
  • Availability of detailed reports from inspections
  • Enable solution with delay ride notifications
  • Route Planning and Monitoring
  • Remote fuel tank monitoring
  • Enhances driver safety

Final Outcome

Our pool of talented developers crafted the fleet management solution that follows a modernistic approach in inspecting the overall vehicle’s health and allow users to control all the fleet operations with this best-in-class app.

  • Simple and Dynamic Dashboard
  • Easy access to Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)
  • Automatic recordings of vehicle's maintenance
  • Driver's behavioural monitoring
  • Accident detection and reporting
  • Tracking through AIS-140 GPS compliant devices
My Fleet Health App
Information Architecture
My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App
My Fleet Health App
Technology Stack

QSS Technosoft has been an excellent company to work with. The entire team did a great job in this project and completed the app in time.