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A responsive solution that is designed for law enforcement, criminal defence attorneys and other government agencies to provide confidential transcription services.

This excellent application leverages users with no minimum usage requirements or service commitments.

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Process Followed

Our pool of talented developers, with inventive ideas and next-generation technologies, administered a successful approach in order to incorporate a responsive mobility solution. The QSS team followed a five-step defined process to craft a solution that satisfies the client’s objectives and adds unmatched value to the users’ lives.

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Net Transcripts

Problem Identification

Gone are the days when the law enforcement officers needed to take note of all the relevant information for a particular case. Technology advancement has changed the note-taking workflow for the better. With a transcription app leveraged with automated transcription technology, the enforcement personnel can keep track of essential and sensitive information on the go.

  • Reports & recorded notes
  • Allows in-house and on-site interrogations
  • Accepts a variety of dictated audio formats
  • Safe sharing of recordings with other teammates
Net Transcripts

Feasibility Study

The client wanted to launch a responsive app in the market that streamlines the essential documents, interviews and court recordings. Keeping the requirements of clients on priority, we aimed at incorporating a multipurpose app which is useful for keeping precise records of critical and sensitive information and also prevents risk and maintains confidentiality.

  • FEDRAMP, CJIS and FIPS-200 compliant solution
  • Encrypted with file transfer
  • Leveraged with Microsoft Azure government cloud hosting
  • Unique user account authentication
  • Ensured by Chain-of-Custody


User research

We surveyed some police officers, law enforcement personnel and other government agencies to get acquainted with problems they suffer when it comes to recording confidential transcription. User research helped us gain an insight into how we can make a resourceful app that can improve the workflow for such agencies.

Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshop undoubtedly adds great value to the project. It helps the team examine the pre-development stage to the core. Along with sharing project requirements, discovery workshops also prove beneficial in assessing the scope of the project and aids in engineering the project requirements to take the solution from a concept to advanced development stages in minimum possible duration.

These kinds of solutions require extensive and highly enhanced security so we mainly put the discussion of incorporating an app that ensures the safety of confidential and sensitive information. We presented the client with the idea of encrypting the file transfer through a 256-bit SSL certificate and asymmetric 2,048-bit RSA key. It helps in establishing a secure HTTPS operating environment.

Competitor Analysis

While developing the solution, keeping a close eye on your competitors who are in the same business as yours is a must. Consequently, we carried out a competitive analysis to identify strengths, threats, and opportunities for our law enforcement transcription solution.

Net Transcripts

The Challenges

While incorporating law enforcement transcription solution, our team of app developers got to work at implementing the app with a foreign language multiple formats support which was quite challenging. Along with that, the team of experts run into below challenges as well -

  • To come with guaranteed error-free transcripts
  • Allow administrators to manage and monitor transcription requests
  • Track the chain of custody of all data
  • Specialize the solution in transcribing multi-speaker recordings
  • Quality control process to ensure accuracy
  • Unlimited transcription capacity

Final Outcome

Our team of seasoned developers incorporated a law enforcement transcription app that works on FIPS-200 compliant technology. This constructive application is leveraged with Microsoft Azure cloud hosting and is functional on both Android as well as on iOS platforms.

  • Cloud-based technology to store highly sensitive material
  • Automates sensitive information sharing
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Provide detailed usage reporting
  • Speed up workflows
  • Disrupt the process of notetaking
Net Transcripts
Information Architecture
Net Transcripts
Net Transcripts
Net Transcripts
Net Transcripts
Technology Stack

QSS team steered the project at a reasonable price. The manager who handled the project was very attentive and contrived the technical highlights as per requirement.