NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App

NIBRS icrime Fighter App

A real-time crime-based reporting system that collects data related to a particular incident or crime and helps enforcement agencies in the USA to maintain the record of each criminal activity.

NIBRS crime reporting app, instead of going the traditional way of keeping records, provides deep context for incidents and visioned to quantify the crimes in order to use resources in a more clever way.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service Law Enforcement
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

App development follows a variety of different approaches irrespective of the categories. While forming a strategy for building NIBRS app and streamlining the process from idea to deployment, we stumbled across many different procedures before finalizing the one which, according to us, was well-suitable to steer this project and was exactly meeting the features and functionalities the client had pointed out.

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NIBRS icrime Fighter App

Problem Identification

By following through out-and-out industry research, we acknowledged that there are many solutions in the market which collect the overall crime data, however, most of them were organized in complex ways and were not capturing every state of affairs acutely. This is why they did not appear feasible in the long run. That being so, we aimed at launching a system that reports each crime with a level of complication and severity.

  • Process crime incident information in various representation
  • Helps NIBRS to validate and preserve the data in the RMS
  • Shows the list of all the reported incidents in an organized way
  • Provides greater analytic flexibility
NIBRS icrime Fighter App

Feasibility Study

Since the conventional method of managing all the reported crimes had some limitations, the client proposed the idea of developing a crime reporting system that lists the incident in an effective manner so that no crimes go unrecorded. After gaining an insight into the project and its requirements, we proposed towards developing an incident-based reporting system that explains the different aspects of recorded crimes.

  • Gives context to specific crime problems
  • Links one incident to another classifying them as parent and child
  • Creates crime data with predefined business rules of Law Enforcement Agency
  • Manages incidents with a unique case ID
  • Put on notification for newly lodged incidents


User research

While developing the incident listing app for NIBRS, we needed to be sure that it includes every minor detail of the crime. With that said, we surveyed out different enforcement officers and tried to get their views on a system that records incidents in a comprehensive manner. This way, we observed what extra features we can add in our solution.

Product discovery workshop

Now once we were done with gaining insights of most of the agency officers, we counted on shaping up the project in the right direction. In order to assess the maximum opportunity of the project, we organized the product discovery workshop where we get to know the client's perspective towards the system such as the user interface, the aspects of the crime they want to store in the system, framework, predefined business rules, etc.

Our team of developers and other members who were going to work on the project got involved in brainstorming sessions and discovered the key requirements that would be needed to make the system. Moreover, the team explained the functionality of the solution to the client with story mapping theory and helped them understand the system behaviours and tasks to capture the flow of actions to leave no loopholes.

Competitor Analysis

Before getting into the production stage of any digital solution, making yourself aware of the market tactics is important. The QSS Technosoft team examined the market in order to anticipate the shift and understand the trend other crime-based reporting systems are following.

NIBRS icrime Fighter App

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced by our well-versed team of developers was to code the source on the given programming language so that the system can generate the data in various forms. There were few other difficulties as well, faced by the development team, which are listed below.

  • Develop a web-based portal in an angular framework
  • Code through .Net and RESTful APIs
  • Configured with attachment upload feature
  • SSO Login
  • Allows adding incidents and logs in easy steps
  • Enact window-based service

Final Outcome

Our top-notch in house team of developers left no stone unturned to engineer the crime reporting system which processes crime incident information in several representations such as XML, JSON etc. The solution is developed on .Net Core programming language backed with restful APIs.

  • Accessible to all the enforcement officers
  • Collects and report detailed crime incidents
  • Validates crime based on rules set by the NIBRS
  • Single Sign-On authentication
  • CJIIN import spotlight
  • Backed with audit trail feature
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
Information Architecture
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
NIBRS icrime Fighter App
Technology Stack

The development team of QSS Technosoft are absolutely the best and knowledgeable of all. They shaped my idea into a product which is winning heart love all over.