Notify Healthcare Communication App
Notify Healthcare Communication App
Notify Healthcare Communication App

Notify Healthcare Communication App

It is a next-gen nurse call mobile application that allows caregivers to come by and respond to the emergency alerts received from patients. It also streamlines processes for quick assistance.

Notify App, being a complete wireless alert system solution, establishes real-time communication in the senior living industry and provides unparalleled performance.

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Process Followed

The success of the mobile app depends upon plenty of things. One of them is the rightly moulded strategy. When it comes to designing a particular app, the foremost thing an app development company should do is to come across the right approach and analyse the app as per user requirement. The pre-eminent team of developers at QSS Technosoft abided by the standard app development process and capsulized it in five gradual steps.

  • Notify Healthcare Communication AppPROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Notify Healthcare Communication AppFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Notify Healthcare Communication AppSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Notify Healthcare Communication AppCHALLENGES
  • Notify Healthcare Communication AppFINAL OUTCOME
Notify Healthcare Communication App

Problem Identification

The frequent rise in the number of health emergency calls from senior living residents is causing concern for immediate and comprehensive responses. The need for the ongoing situation was to formulate a solution that would quickly send alerts to the caregivers and help them shape their operational performance in an easy manner.

  • Deliver reliable nurse call on an instant basis
  • Establish secure communication over any network
  • Remotely controls and manages a nurse call system
  • Keeps patient's details safe by non-collection of data
Notify Healthcare Communication App

Feasibility Study

The client's vision with Notify app was pretty transparent. They wanted an app that provides optimal care to a person in a health emergency with just a mere call or message alert. In order to devise the digital wireless alert system solution, the team of QSS listed the next-gen software, non-proprietary Inovonics technology and certified hardware. After that, we streamlined the suitable approach to managing all the emergency alerts with a smartphone.

  • Sound mobile alerts even with locked devices
  • Provides real-time data
  • Enriched with push-to-talk voice functionality
  • Robust reporting and cloud backup
  • Backed with VOIP callback


User research

When it comes to developing an application for a separate group of people, it becomes important to understand how these people go about the idea of the solution. Keeping this in mind, we carried out user research and helped ourselves in gaining their context and viewpoint towards the idea.

Product discovery workshop

Irrespective of belonging to the different industry, all the digital software solutions have one thing in common. They all require a substantial development plan. Adding the discovery phase in the project planning eliminates the risk of miscommunication and further helps in establishing a collaborative vision to provide some business sense to the members who are involved in the project. The QSS Technosoft team organized the workshop with the intention of obtaining a powerful outcome.

We involved the entire development team in the process as we believe the more stakeholders will be there, the effective workshop would be. During this fruitful workshop. The team analyzed and discussed the project goals, requirements, critical issues that may come as a roadblock. Apart from this, they also get involved in the conversation of integrating exceptional features and functionalities to manage the alerts with real-time updates. By the end of the workshop, the team had a clear understanding of clients requirements and business objectives they want to achieve through this app.

Competitor Analysis

Keeping a close eye on your competitors is one of the important things to do when you are on the dash of developing an application. It helps in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your own business.

Notify Healthcare Communication App

The Challenges

Developing a mobile app gives developers immense access to the user base however, integration of specific features is not as easy as it sounds. The team of proficient developers at QSS Technosoft found devising iOS-based nurse call app quite exigent and came across below given challenges.

  • Employ private and group text messaging
  • Adding real-time alerts and push notifications
  • Facilitate health checks from the app itself
  • Enriched with RTLS badges and IoT enabled device
  • Capture call frequency and responsiveness of the caregiver
  • Devise intuitive dashboards and reports insights

Final Outcome

By coding apps on highly scalable HTML/CSS front-end development, our team of well-versed developers finally built a robust iOS-based wireless nurse call alert system. On the other hand, our excellent team of programmers also worked with Apple XCode for additional technology elements.

  • Secure role-based logins for users
  • Auto escalate the call to another caregiver in case of rejection
  • HIPAA and HITECH approved messaging
  • Easy navigable and customized menu
  • Emergency alert option for older and disabled people
  • Real-time report update for each caregiver zone
Notify Healthcare Communication App
Information Architecture
Notify Healthcare Communication App
Notify Healthcare Communication App
Notify Healthcare Communication App
Notify Healthcare Communication App
Technology Stack

The QSS Technosoft team completed the project within an acceptable timeline. The efforts and knowledge they have put on the project is par excellence.