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Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin

Outlook Plugin

It is a lead generating and tracking tool integrated by third parties into Outlook using the web-based platform. Outlook Plugin consists of advanced features that run inside of Eldermark solutions to enhance the email functionality.

Apart from intensifying email configuration, this plugin also allows delegates to relate and reply to the emails effectively.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service CRM
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

The team of experienced developers at QSS with great technical knowledge followed a successful strategy to prosper an assertive tool that matches the operational demands of the clients. From generating the idea of the solution to noticing challenges and figuring out the solution’s necessity at its best, we followed the development process which was the collation of a five-step constructive method.

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Outlook Plugin

Problem Identification

Eldermark is a digital software solution for senior housing which aims at integrating outlook plugins for their employee use. With the help of this plugin, they aimed to collect the information of the visitors who were reaching to them for inquiry or any other purpose. When the client came to us with the same regard, we discussed the add-in access settings and explained the considerations for tracking emails.

  • Integrate the plugin with read and compose mode
  • Track and convert leads
  • Equipped with CRM integration
  • Allow employees to choose log events
Outlook Plugin

Feasibility Study

Once we captured all the requirements of clients and their visioned tool for the CRM integration, we presented them with the framework of the plugin and explained the process flow which illustrates the rough idea of the project in a simple language. After closely observing the business module of Eldermark, we get the precise knowledge of the configuration they would be needed to maintain effective communication between employees and patients.

  • Focused on process automation
  • Implemented tracking analytics
  • Formulated the code to keep email organized and managed
  • Enable employees to compose an email with AI
  • Easily integrate with mobile devices


User research

Carrying out user research assists in understanding the target audience which further leads in strategizing the development process. During the research, we put inquiries to some people which helped us gain insight into the user’s pain-points and needs.

Product discovery workshop

In order to understand the process workflow and project requirements in a true manner, we initiated the product discovery workshop with the client. Here the project manager in the presence of developers and programmers discussed various core elements of the project which helped the team in shaping up the idea and engineer the necessities. We divided the discovery workshop into two parts.

In the first part, we gained a common understanding of business goals and the second part consisted of all the documentation and workflow. Soon after discussing the prioritization of features, user needs, technical feasibility and monetizing options, we sketched out the rough workflow of the product. This discovery workshop helped to build an understanding between the project development team and client.

Competitor Analysis

Running a competitive analysis helps in obtaining a genuine perception of the business strategies which other similar industries are already following. With that being said, we closely examined the other email plugins and strived to find a shortfall.

Outlook Plugin

The Challenges

Software development goes through many different phases out of which some appear to be quite challenging. While integrating the outlook plugin for the Eldermark solution, our team of developers came across a few sets of issues.

  • Enable users to set the notification priority
  • Third-party integration with different APIs
  • Implementation of cloud and data synchronization
  • Employ toggle split pane mode
  • Add sub-label to emails
  • Generate module to track leads automatically

Final Outcome

In the last process of configuring outlook plugin, we presented our client with the detailed designed scalable, secure and performance-oriented architecture of the tool. We began the development process in agile methodology and paid attention to consolidating specifically mentioned features in the first venture.

  • Seamless and user-friendly dashboard
  • Auto-sync and backup feature
  • Simple and easy administrative process
  • Increases the dependency on active conversations
  • Enable employees to schedule messages
  • Efficient email tracking
Outlook Plugin
Information Architecture
Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin
Technology Stack

Before steering the project with the adequate specifications, the QSS Technosoft team suggested a few implements which seemed to be more logical for my solution. I kudos to their team efforts and will surely want my any other apps to be built by them only.