Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Point of Care App

Point of Care App

An innovative solution that allows senior living community personnel to track services provided by caregivers in real-time with a single tap.

This mobility solution also helps in managing a database of medication and eliminates the conventional method of health-related time-consuming paperwork

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Process Followed

With prior ideas of building a point of care app that boosts efficiency and revenues with one-touch paperless medical charting, we followed a five-step scrupulous process that involved - problem identification, assessment of the proposed project and kick-starting the application development by carrying out user research and competitive analysis.

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Point of Care App

Problem Identification

Healthcare systems and services have done a lot for the senior level community in the field of day to day operations, however, there are still many people who do not have access to most of the healthcare services either because of lack of plans or unstructured services. Therefore, we aim to build a single point of care app that would be advantageous to the senior community and help them avail health facilities in a convenient way.

  • Eliminate conventional time-consuming paperwork method
  • Reduce documentation errors and boost service revenue
  • Reinforced mobile technology to work online as well as offline
  • One tap service track feature
Point of Care App

Feasibility Study

With the mounting demand for healthcare services in the senior living personnel, it is important to connect them with caregivers and allow real-time tracking updates. We implemented the idea of building an application where the staff can confirm the resident's service on demand and that also with a single tap making everything easier and faster.

  • Capture meal attendance
  • Effective management of work orders
  • Routing requests to the right caregivers
  • Track services provided to residents
  • One-touch paperless medical charting database


User research

User research is a crucial factor to implement as it helps in minimizing the risk factor involved in developing a solution. By carrying out user research, we can get real-time insights into what our target audience expects from the application we are planned to launch in the market.

Product discovery workshop

The success of a project depends upon how it has been understood by both clients as well as the development company. Therefore, to thoroughly understand the mobile point of care app, we held a meeting with our client and sailed through various stages to set the right foundation for the solution. This product discovery workshop session helped us to mutually explore the scope to turn the idea into a fruitful business.

Based on all the discussions we had, our team contemplated design, features and gained insight into what demands of senior living personnel will the app eventually fulfill. This session also aided us to establish the core values of the product and we further gained an understanding of the prototype to follow in order to meet deliverables. In the end, we finally compiled all the project requirements and readied ourselves to begin with the development.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis is one of the important components to consider and explore in order to sketch the marketing strategy of the solution you are about to develop. We carried out market analysis to make ourselves aware of the strengths and weaknesses of potential competitors who are offering similar services like ours.

Point of Care App

The Challenges

Not all applications are the same. Some follow an intricate process and thus results in many inquiries, problems, and complications. The team of web developers and cloud specialists at QSS faced some difficulties while consolidating features and different functionality in the app which are -

  • Management of the senior community’s database
  • Initiate one-touch paperless medical charting
  • Integrate deliberate scheduling of services
  • Secure and reliable payment options with module integration
  • Connecting caregivers to residents EHR in real-time
  • Identifying missed revenue by capturing all the services

Final Outcome

After taking good note of the other similar applications available in the market and getting the drift of the problems faced by our development team, we captured requirements, presented customers with wireframes and eventually developed a one-tap point of care solution for senior livings.

  • User-friendly interface to confirm resident services
  • Face-to-face electronic assessments and service plans
  • Confirm unscheduled housekeeping services
  • Digital document of clinical information for senior livings
  • Advanced technology that allows apps to work in offline mode
  • Improved care by eliminating paperwork and human error
Point of Care App
Information Architecture
Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Point of Care App
Technology Stack

I had a great experience with the company. The QSS team pioneered the app with the features and functionalities exactly how I wanted it to be.