Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution

Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution

Propkeepr is a home repair solution that provides complete door-step home maintenance from a variety of services to choose from. The service providers here are trained and verified.

This highly versatile application helps users in resolving all their common in-house issues such as clogged kitchen sink, broken door handle etc. in a go.

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Process Followed

A standard process of developing an app may sometimes appear vague as each of the applications serves a different purpose. However, we at QSS, have outlined a meticulous strategy that is reliable to be followed in almost all the solutions we curate for our clients. This mobile app development process generally includes identifying the need for a solution followed by strategy, development, and post-launch stages.

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  • Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair SolutionFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair SolutionSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair SolutionCHALLENGES
  • Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair SolutionFINAL OUTCOME
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution

Problem Identification

Being a house owner, one has to give rein to many household responsibilities. Even after being surrounded by many improved technologies, it still becomes difficult to find a service provider if anything in our home is in need of repair. Finding a helping hand for home repair service is one of the most common problems faced by citizens across the globe. But there is no need to worry about such things now as PropKeepr is there to help users to avail one-stop service for all home repair needs.

  • Hire service providers near a location
  • Allow users to utilize services according to their convenience
  • Tons of home services to choose from
  • No extra charges other than services
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution

Feasibility Study

The advancement of technologies, undoubtedly, has simplified the matters for most of us. From reading news online to book an in-house medical appointment, technology has come a long way. It has become convenient for people to avail the services on their fingertip and make the good use of technologies. Understanding the needs of every individual, we went an extra mile and aimed at delivering a one-stop service app that fulfils all your home repair needs.

  • Receive recent updates through push notifications
  • Manage service requests at the dashboard
  • Geolocation map shared with the provider to find the location easily
  • In-app chat and call with the service provider
  • Allow users to schedule services


User research

We carried out an interview session with everyday people and tried to get the idea of what they would prefer in an app that would offer door-to-door home repair services. We received many queries and analysing them as a whole helped us gain an insight into the features we can implement in our solution.

Product discovery workshop

The goal of the product discovery workshop is to educate our clients and provide thorough information about the product. We carried out this workshop and further discussed a wide array of standpoints related to the app and what are the factors that we can consider to turn this idea into a fruitful home repair service application. Moreover, we exchanged views on how the UI/ UX of the solution would be and the functionalities that would help requesters and providers to connect in a better and responsive way.

The client also shared their perspective towards application and what consolidations they would like to implement in the product. The core purpose of a product discovery workshop is not only to share project requirements but also to understand client expectations and facilitate them with our quality and experience. In the end, we presented the customer with the plans & roadmaps and developed strategies to follow to incorporate an exceptional app.

Competitor Analysis

Being a software development company, it becomes important for us to assess the weaknesses and strengths of current and potential competitors of the product. We conducted a competitive analysis and examined the market to understand where our competitors are at and in where we can do better than them.

Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution

The Challenges

The cut-throat market competition and emerging technology have made the path of crafting an app difficult for developers. Apart from integrating seamless UI in the solution, a few more challenges our team of app developers ran into are -

  • Integrate a solution with exceptional UI and functionality
  • Connect requestors with only trained and verified service providers
  • Integrate review response history
  • Secure multiple payment options
  • Real-time tracking of request
  • Check the progress of booked services

Final Outcome

Our proficient team of developers surmounted the challenges faced during designing and development of the app and created a constructive hybrid application that seamlessly integrates and works in sync with the web UI. The application effectively fulfils the demand for offering door-to-door home repair services on a fingertip.

  • Contrive single sign-on feature
  • Customer reviews & feedback system
  • Interactive dashboard to select a variety of services
  • Provide on-time service under a given TAT
  • 24X7 customer service
  • DIY guide to fix common problems
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Information Architecture
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Propkeeper a Complete Home Repair Solution
Technology Stack

There is no comparison of the exceptional service I received from QSS. It was an awesome experience to work with such talented folks who were easy to communicate with.