Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App

Safetipin- Safety Audit App

A safety inspection solution that allows users to decide their mobility based on the safety score of the area. This app collects the data to examine through crowdsourcing.

This audit solution computes a safety score on several parameters such as walkability, accessibility, and functionality of public spaces etc.

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Process Followed

We, at QSS, elevate our development strategy that adds unmatched value to the user's lives as well as meets specific business requirements of the client. We consolidated our development process in simple steps which are - identification of the problem, feasible analysis of the project followed by implementing the solution and crafting the responsive and thriving application in the end.

  • Safetipin- Safety Audit AppPROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Safetipin- Safety Audit AppFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Safetipin- Safety Audit AppSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Safetipin- Safety Audit AppCHALLENGES
  • Safetipin- Safety Audit AppFINAL OUTCOME
Safetipin- Safety Audit App

Problem Identification

Safety has always been a matter of concern for everyone but it is indeed an important issue for women in our country. According to the reports, major crime incidents take place in the areas where there are less accessibility to transport and the meager public crowd. Therefore, we aimed at providing a one-stop solution to people where they can make decisions about the areas they prefer to visit and can move around freely, especially women.

  • Custom safety check
  • Process city-wide safety inspection
  • Allow users to run a safety audit
  • Collect and analyse data on several parameters
Safetipin- Safety Audit App

Feasibility Study

The primary objective to fulfil through this app is to make this world a safer place to live in for everyone. We focused on implementing the safety check solution which will be based on several parameters such as lightning, visibility, transport availability, walking path of an area etc. This application plays a vital role in creating inclusive spaces for a diverse set of people and making the use of several tools and services in order to collect data for a safety audit.

  • Allow image upload to support safety analysis
  • Collect project-specific data
  • Assesses the physical infrastructure and social usage of area
  • Mark the collected data based on safety parameters
  • Users to receive a notification when in an unsafe place


User research

We surveyed some group of women and tried to gain their opinion about the eventualities that make them feel unsafe about a particular place. We got to know that there are things like unavailability of public transport, a deserted area where there are hardly any people and much more are some of the elements we can implement in our solution.

Product discovery workshop

When you conduct a session with the client and make some discussion to provide thorough information about the solution before the beginning of the development cycle, this is commonly known as a Product Discovery Workshop (PDW). Many development companies also consider this as a pre-development stage of gathering and sharing relevant project information between the client and the project team.

Through this workshop, we understood the client's needs and expectations as they wanted us to build a react native app. Furthermore, we drove the client through the latest advancements and cutting-edge attributes in react native framework that can help them fulfil the diverse business requirements. At the end of the session, we finally compiled all the project requirements and readied ourselves to begin with the application development.

Competitor Analysis

In order to understand the business strategy of your competitors who are in the same business as you and have developed a similar application, carrying out a competitive analysis becomes vitally important. Therefore, we examined the industry in and out.

Safetipin- Safety Audit App

The Challenges

Each and every app is tailored distinctively based on business demands. A few of the aspects in a solution sometimes appear complicated that leads to adopting a different methodology. While developing this safety check app, we faced a few challenges which are mentioned below.

  • Carry out a city-wide audit
  • Initiate machine learning technology to mark safety parameters
  • Detailed mapping of urban places
  • Generate different public space improvement reports
  • Build dashboards to measure changes
  • Provide users with a safety rating of the area

Final Outcome

The team of experienced app developers built a react native cross-platform app by embracing all the latest modes of agile methodology. This innovative safety audit solution allows users to choose an area to visit based on the safety score. The features and benefits of the solution are what makes this highly versatile app stand out in the market.

  • Responsive design with easy functionality
  • Safety score and API's for portals and businesses
  • Measuring safety through crowd-sourcing
  • Provide route navigation to a nearest safe place
  • Featured with Geo-tagged data
  • Provide a GIS environment
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Information Architecture
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Safetipin- Safety Audit App
Technology Stack

QSS team has expertise in building new-age design & technology by creating bespoke mobility solutions. The team drove through the various methods and developed a constructive hybrid app.