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ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App

ShiftPixy App

It is an all-inclusive workforce management platform that empowers employees and managers to digitize and manage tasks, eliminate paperwork, and increase productivity.

Shiftpixy allows management to effectively oversee employee operations and works as a dynamic employment resource which further leads to the organization’s success and represents a new way to work.

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Process Followed

Mobile app development is a complex process and requires the engagement of developers, designers, and programmers. We at QSS Technosoft believe in making an app that stands out best in the marketplace and for that, we embrace modern technologies and begin the development strategy on the right course. The dynamic app development process followed at QSS Technosoft involves - idea, strategy, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases.

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ShiftPixy App

Problem Identification

When it comes to increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of an organization, it is often considered to oversee employee operations. In order to achieve optimal performance and lower the labour cost, the client approached us with the idea of launching a workforce management app in the market that automates processes and helps employees focus on getting things done on time

  • Easy setting up and categorization of projects
  • Allow employees to track work and attendance in real-time
  • Seamless workforce automation
  • FMLA tracking
ShiftPixy App

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study helped our team to understand the guesswork of the app and decide whether the app idea is viable and worth pursuing at a profitable level. While discussing the need for the project with a business point of view, we got to know that the client requires a react native workforce management app that will be backed by new-age features working as a boon for organizations.

  • Automated Payroll integration
  • KPI tracking and workforce analysis
  • Third-party data extraction
  • Cloud computing
  • HRM Integration


User research

The notable observance in mobile app development is to keep hold of a design strategy that further leads in building an app that would be superlative for the users. We carried out user research among different businesses and organizations which helped us in identifying the user needs, pain points and how our app will help them monitor the workforce effectively.

Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshop gives direction and empowers the product development team to unite and solve real-time problems in building an innovative solution with the help of collective knowledge. From brand understanding to the method of getting more audience engagement, discovery workshops break new grounds in the problem-solving process and make the team aware of technical requirements of the project.

The QSS Technosoft held this workshop in the presence of project manager, client, and developers. This discovery workshop session helped our team to gain an understanding in-and-out about the product and set design for the projects off in the right direction. During the workshop, the team worked with stakeholders to understand overarching business objectives which additionally helped them to understand how to make it market-thriving.

Competitor Analysis

With the help of competitive analysis, we uncovered the important tactics and strategies being used by currently existing tools of workforce management and how we can satisfy a need of the audience through our app.

ShiftPixy App

The Challenges

With the world accelerating by new technologies, mobile apps are going to be the next big thing. However, building a digital mobile solution is considered as a complex process. Our team of well-versed developers too faced some difficulties while designing the ShiftPixy app.

  • Allow adding worksites for effective management
  • Integration of assistive intelligence
  • Implementation of GPS and push notification feature
  • Manage worksites with a unique identity
  • Easy to track the status of each assigned worked
  • Improve schedule adherence and employee engagement

Final Outcome

After outlining requirements and business logic, we created a technical document of the solution that holds the entire app architecture determining the main features. Along with that we also presented the client with process flow and the wireframes. When everything was discussed and settled, our team of proficient developers progressed and began the app development cycle.

  • Intuitive user interface with easily navigable menu
  • Facilitates automated skill-based scheduling
  • Time clock options
  • Backed with a feature that anticipates intraday surges
  • Comes with multisite support
  • Equipped with user-controlled forecasting engine
ShiftPixy App
Information Architecture
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
ShiftPixy App
Technology Stack

My experience with QSS Technosoft and the team was cherishable. When I contacted them for my app development, I was content to see their determination and how they transformed my idea into a full-fledged innovative app.