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A product manufacturing and logistics industry that provides the buyers with tailored luxury handbags, cosmetic pouches and functional accessories. They allow the consumer to avail the services like product design, material and manufacturing facility at ease.

The company customize the design and assure on delivering a top-most quality product with their in-line inspection control team.

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Process Followed

The team of skilled professionals at QSS followed a comprehensive strategy to tailor an app that adds value to the client’s business and ensure maximum ROI. The five-step consolidated process involved - identification of the problem, feasible analysis of the product followed by app development and product launch in the end.

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Problem Identification

Online shopping has evolved immensely in recent years because of which retail stores have witnessed a massive downfall. However, the products which appear aesthetically appealing online are not often what it looks like. Most of the sellers and even luxury brands who want products for their own stores have been deceived by fake manufacturers. Our aim is to regain their trust by providing them quality products and facilitate them with logistics management.

  • Product filtering and sorting feature
  • Push notification for fresh arrivals or discounts
  • Information about designers and manufacturers
  • Allow the consumer to choose from different shipping options

Feasibility Study

After identifying the common issues faced by brands and retail stores and taking all the matters into consideration, we zeroed in on developing an app that would come with seamless navigation and allow store owners to get customized designing products with assured quality followed by every stage inspection strategy.

  • Search function for a quick overview of best products
  • Buyers to quickly retrieve personal preferences through the favourite list
  • Reviews and Rating system for consumers
  • Allow consumers to access profile, collections, and statistics of products
  • Precise details for a variety of materials


User research

While surveying some distributors and sellers of different online platforms, the common complaint from most of them was they all were dealing with the issue of finding a quality product and timely delivery of goods. Keeping all these pain-points in mind, we focused on developing a solution that would definitely sort out such issues.

Product discovery workshop

While developing any of the digital products, we primarily focus on understanding the scope of the project that would be resourceful in solving the user's problem as well. For this, we carry out a product discovery workshop and we genuinely believe that it is one of the best processes to have a complete vision of the project. The role of discovery workshop does not end here only, it is also meant to predict the issues that might occur during the development of the app and what could be done to prevent them.

The session was held by the project manager who explained all the possible scenarios regarding the product and also the fundamental reason for developing such a solution. The session also involved a storyboarding section which explained the project development team about the target audience and how they will be benefitted by this app. This entire session turned out as a problem solving round in the end.

Competitor Analysis

The Challenges

When it comes to mobile app development, the reasonable centrepiece for the team is to minimize the allied risk and build a resourceful app. From developing and designing the Synthesis app, the team of developers faced a number of challenges.

  • Integrate hassle-free and multiple payment options
  • One-tap information on product materials and manufacturing process
  • Personalized product recommendations & item feeds
  • Loyalty programs and rewards for consumers
  • The strict inspection process for quality assurance
  • Customized product manufacturing and logistics

Final Outcome

Our in-house developers designed the mobile-responsive app with a simple and easy to use interface. We focused on prioritizing the needs of our clients. In order to construct a highly versatile and robust app, we applied innovative tools and technologies that can take the user experience to another level.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless navigation through products with responsive design
  • Facebook connect and single social media sign-on
  • Presenting products with Augmented Reality
  • 24X7/365 customer support
  • Comprehensive database and materials process guide
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

The QSS team did a commendable job with my project and suggested some changes to make it more professional and user-oriented. I will definitely recommend this team to work with for any of your next projects.