Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App

Transportation Club App

A non-profit corporation that is specialized for planning, executing and optimizing all modes of transportation through networking, education and community involvement. It operates as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning transportation.

The transportation club makes transportation and logistics services available for those who are in need.

  • Country United States of America
  • Service Logistics
  • Industry Multiple
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Process Followed

The team of specialists at QSS with excellent technical experience followed a prosperous strategy to build an app that fulfils the client's operational requirements. From identification of a problem to noticing challenges and figuring out the prerequisite of a product, we took a five-step determined process into the consideration.

  • Transportation Club AppPROBLEM IDENTIFICATION
  • Transportation Club AppFEASIBILITY STUDY
  • Transportation Club AppSOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION
  • Transportation Club AppCHALLENGES
  • Transportation Club AppFINAL OUTCOME
Transportation Club App

Problem Identification

Finding a leading transportation platform, where people can connect to others who have the same or related expertise, is not less than a wage war nowadays. Our aim is to provide like-minded people with a platform where they can exchange their industry-related experience and connect with transportation groups and logistic providers.

  • Supports and encourages the highest standards of transportation education
  • Complete monitoring of the shipping en-route
  • Acts as a platform for connecting like-minded people
  • Combines an educative format with social network
Transportation Club App

Feasibility Study

Being a prominent app development company, our objective was to establish a platform as a global transportation and logistics industries where there should be networking and community involvement. Moreover, we also endeavour to digitize all the transportation activities at an ease of fingertip.

  • Provide assistance to members belonging to the transportation industry
  • Trip completion & incident reporting tracker
  • Aids in conducting a variety of events
  • Push notifications for unexpected transportation loss
  • Affiliates all modes of conveyance


User research

It is highly significant to know the viewpoint of your target group so that a solution can be moulded accordingly. On that ground, we pursued a research approach among the target audience which additionally helped us develop an app which is relevant to them.

Product discovery workshop

The fundamental goal of a product discovery workshop is not only to understand the potential industry challenges that may occur during the production phase but also learn the know-how of kicking off the project in an exemplary manner. We conducted the workshop to discuss the project elements and its necessities with the client and acknowledge the scope and goals that need to be implemented to get maximum user engagement.

The session, on the whole, encouraged us in exploring the subject area and business flow while understanding end-users every little bit. Apart from that, the discovery workshop also made the development team organize the clutter, create a roadmap, present information in an elusive concept and engineer the requirements in order to take a product from a mere thought to advanced development stages in less time.

Competitor Analysis

Extensive research of competitive apps and websites is one of the most important components of all-inclusive market study. We carried out an investigation to know the shortfalls of rivals and implement powerful strategies to enhance the competitive edge.

Transportation Club App

The Challenges

The process of building an app undergoes several stages. From designing to development, it appears something more relentless rather than a technical task. Our team of developers struggled with implementing stacks and a few other things during app development which are -

  • Addressing complicated transportation scenarios
  • Developing an abridged multilingual solution
  • Reduce costs and increase operational efficiency
  • Management of safe and secure transportation activities
  • Route adherence to predict uncertainties in transportation
  • Social media integration to connect with same opinionated people

Final Outcome

Our in-house team of renowned developers crafted this multipurpose solution using react language and native platform capabilities with JavaScript language. The Transportation Club app is easily navigable and is bundled with essential features which are-

  • Connect community professionals with each other
  • Manage GPS system to monitor a fleet of vehicles
  • Transportation and logistics management through the dashboard
  • Foster fellowship within the transportation community
  • Transportation forum for members to discuss an issue
  • Push notification for news and events related to the transportation industry
Transportation Club App
Information Architecture
Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App
Transportation Club App
Technology Stack

QSS and the well-versed team are absolutely phenomenal. They constructed my app as exactly as I desired and that too within a timeline.