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Vendor Time

It is a vendor management solution that helps companies in establishing a unique way to communicate with vendors and focuses on serving user needs.

Vendor Time critically deals in setting up an effective system for dealing with external vendors and suppliers. With the help of this app, the companies can manage all vendor activities with ease.

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Process Followed

Most of the companies are now investing in forming their digital presence to get their business to new heights. The team of QSS Technosoft adequately understands the need of the situation and thus follow a dynamic process during the development of the app. Our mobile app design and development process involves - Problem identification and analysing the idea, app development, deployment and post-launch stage in the end.

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Vendor Time

Problem Identification

It is true that addressing vendor management challenges is crucial for many businesses as it may feign the business to be in the competitive market space. However, it is imperative to manage the vendor to keep the organization's digital business active. For that reason, we are aiming to build a vendor management solution that provides an easily navigable dashboard and makes it easy for vendors to get all details.

  • Simplify the handling of contracts
  • Automating vendor onboarding with self-registration
  • Accessible real-time data for better decision making
  • Establish better vendor relationship
Vendor Time

Feasibility Study

The client's requirement was to build a vendor management solution that helps the vendor to review orders, view account status and download the reports in all accessible formats. Considering all these factors, we decided to streamline all the modals and customize a digital solution with a comprehensible vendor ecosystem.

  • The customizable vendor registration portal
  • Detailed reports to utilize diverse suppliers
  • Consolidation of vendor information
  • An intuitive, web-based client-configured portal
  • Backed with Enterprise Resource Planning


User research

In order to understand user behaviours and how people go about performing tasks for a particular solution, we carried out user research and interacted with them to know their opinion about vendor management solutions.

Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshop is the best way to kick-off the project and steer the same in the right direction. We conducted the workshop in the presence of a project manager, development team and the client. It helped developers to find out everything about the project such as what kind of vendor management solution the client is looking forward to have and how we can devise all the features and functionalities that fulfils the criteria.

After discussing the definite scope, the budget of the project, technical requirements and how to configure the foundation of the platform, the app developers outlined a free-hand structure of the project, defined the success indicators, expected user behaviour, challenges etc. with the client. The discovery workshop answered many key questions which were essential for the development of vendor management apps.

Competitor Analysis

The mobile app industry is one of the most highly competitive industries at the moment. Examining the market and getting a list of competitors in a similar business helped us determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within the market.

Vendor Time

The Challenges

An app without a challenge is an app not thoroughly looked over. Similar to any other software development activity, even mobile app development has its own set of issues and challenges. Our team of experienced programmers too faced a challenging situation while carrying off the project. Major ones are given below.

  • Integration of standard messaging flow
  • Administered with API
  • Enabling options for booking confirmation and removal of a record
  • Implementation of the supplier diversity program
  • Enhanced security and compliance management
  • Handling the review of billboard messages

Final Outcome

Being a prominent app development company, our end goal is always to build an app that adds unmatched value to the users’ lives and meets the client’s expectations at the same time. Our team of well-versed professionals left no stone unturned to fulfil both the objectives and delivered a native mobile vendor management solution that enhances communications among vendors.

  • Provide a holistic view of service providers
  • Cloud-based technology manages and keeps every reports secure
  • Makes easy to judge the vendor metrics
  • Improves onboarding process of vendors
  • Leverage advanced reporting and analytics
  • Build a strong vendor ecosystem
Vendor Time
Information Architecture
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Vendor Time
Vendor Time
Vendor Time
Vendor Time
Vendor Time
Vendor Time
Technology Stack

I chanced upon QSS to develop a vendor management solution for my company and it turned out as a pivotal decision for me. The team of QSS really stood up to my expectations.