Volunteer Management

This app is developed for a rapid response from volunteers who help people in emergency situations caused by natural disasters and man-induced disasters.

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Our Technology Stack

App Features includes

Participant Registration in the US

Participants can register themselves to be a Volunteer via user-friendly interfaces provided in this system. During the participant registration to the system, they need to fill their Personal, education, occupational, experience and demographical details for further process.

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Profile Details

While filling profile details participant need to cover the following areas,

  • Consents
  • Federal Deployment
  • Personal Information
  • Address Details
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Occupational Details

During Occupational details, the system asks for all necessary details required as,

  • Professional License
  • Specialty Certifications
  • Clinically Active in Hospital
  • Clinically Active
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Registration
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Participant Verification

Once the participant’s details are updated, those details become available to Managers for verification. Managers review each participant profile and occupational details and confirm them as volunteers.

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Active/Non-Active Volunteer

Each Volunteer has the option to make their availability in the system. A volunteer can update their status Active or Non-Active. Managers always consider the active Volunteers for the campaign. Managers are also eligible for making any Volunteer Active or Non-Active. Non Active Volunteers are not able to participate in Campaigns.

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Launching Campaigns

The manager plans a campaign in the system and sends alerts to all active Volunteers via four mediums Email, SMS, call, TTD/TTY. This process continues or repeats (maximum of five attempts through Azure Services Bus allow 10 attempts by default) till alerts sent to all volunteers against the campaign. A campaign can either be scheduled for a predefined time or can be launched immediately; a scheduled campaign is launched when the scheduled time is reached.

At the time of launch, Azure Service Bus Queue will send a message to its handler which will receive a campaign process and send the relevant message by SendWordNow. This message can be sent in batches of 1000 to increase the efficiency of the system. A campaign can be sent multiple times to volunteers who have not acknowledged, by providing the retry count value and retry interval value. For receiving responses of Volunteers scheduled tasks of Azure WebJobs is running every 10 mins to fetch responses from SendWordNow.

Once all alerts are sent, the Manager waits for the confirmation from Volunteers to start the campaign. Once all confirmation received Campaign started. Managers can send multiple campaigns involving thousands of Volunteers in a campaign at a time. Campaigns can be launched straight away or scheduled.

vm campaigns


Our System provides multiple reports. Few of them are:

  • Volunteer Details Report (Active or Non-Active)
  • Participant Statistics (Registered Participants/ Verified Participants etc.)
  • Campaign Status Report
  • Volunteer Statistics Report (on the basis of Campaigns)
vm reports


  • System ready to register volunteers online in an efficient manner with simplified user interfaces.
  • Automated background checks for managers to create a qualified database of volunteers for a disaster.
  • Automated end to end quick campaign generation process.
  • Reports generation in multiple formats.

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