It is a video alarming system for ATM security which is based on embedded technology. This system ensures safe transactions and monitors its surroundings for suspicious activities.

VTAS is a smart video tracking alarming tool that works as an intelligent security system. It combines the advantages of alarm systems, video surveillance, visual content analysis etc.

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Process Followed

A lot of factors go into the development of the mobile app. And the struggle gets doubled when the digital solution is being built to target a particular group. While designing the VTAS app, the QSS Technosoft team paid heed on security needs and analyzed frames from different video sources. The strategy of building the app involved a five-step intelligible process.


Problem Identification

ATM security is growing as an industry now and is integrated with many advanced technologies. However, the prevention of hold-ups and violent confrontation such as physical attack, fraud and theft are some of the major happenings that cannot be ignored. With a smart VTAS system, the client is looking forward to launching the app in the market that not only ensures safe ATM transactions but also alarms people for any fraud happenstance.

  • Increase the account holder's feeling of security
  • Digital vibration detector sends the signal to the team monitoring control panel
  • Enhance ATM security measures
  • Real-time alarming system based on surveillance videos

Feasibility Study

The client was more focused on using third-party video tracking alarm systems as part of the already integrated ATM surveillance system. While discussing the requirements of video alarming tools with the client, we focused on enabling secured alarm and monitoring control panels and implementing modern video surveillance solutions for proactive ATM protection.

  • Reports incidents in real-time
  • Sends alarm notification to security services
  • Transaction safety with secured video solution
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Pre-warning function in case of video surveillance is damaged or tampered


User research

When designing software products for any target groups, we QSS Technosoft pay attention to making it user-oriented. For that reason, we carried out a survey among different groups of people and tried to understand the measures they think can help in making ATM transactions more secure.

Product discovery workshop

The prime objective of a product discovery workshop is not only to share project requirements with the development team but also to make them understand client expectations and facilitate with utmost priority. The QSS Technosoft team conducted this workshop and discussed the major frauds in ATMs and the need for modern video surveillance. Moreover, this discovery session helped the team to assess the major goals of the project.

This overall discovery session worked as a problem-solving medium while exploring the subject area, identifying bottlenecks and presenting relevant solutions. Apart from that, it also made the developers and programmers organize the clutter, create a roadmap and present information on a core vision and engineer the requirements in order to take a product from a concept to advanced development stages in less time.

Competitor Analysis

While developing the solution, keeping a close eye on your competitors who are in the same business as yours is a must. Consequently, we carried out a competitive analysis to identify strengths, threats, and opportunities for our Video Tracking Alarm System.

The Challenges

While managing and designing the new-age video surveillance system for ATMs, our skilled team of developers found it difficult to evaluate the suitability of system deployments. Apart from this, there were many other challenges faced by the development which are given below

  • Integration of cloud-based storage
  • Defeat frequent ATM skimming with instant alarm alerts
  • Backed with a separate sensor unit to identify possibilities in poor lightening
  • Allow precise positioning tracking for quick location updates
  • Panic switch for alarming situations
  • Facial recognition for biometric data storage

Final Outcome

Our team of seasoned developers incorporated an advanced Video Tracking Alarm System (VTAS) compliant with cutting-edge security and backed with AWS GovCloud storage technology. This constructive application is functional on both Android as well as on iOS platforms.

  • Backed with a motion-sensing alert
  • Comprehensible access control system
  • Real-Time Notifications and Alerts
  • Geofencing monitoring
  • Configurable trigger options
  • Night-vision feature
Information Architecture
Technology Stack

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