Vtion App

A Saas-based solution that analyses consumer behaviour and measures media consumption on smart devices along with enhanced audience engagement.

Vtion App works as a comprehensive measurement device for the music ecosystem which also provides cost-effective real-time analytics data.

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Process Followed

Our app development methodology keeps evolving with a different approach to be followed while designing mobile apps. Not all apps are the same and this is why it is significant to follow a particular viewpoint for each of them to ensure the visibility of the app. QSS Technosoft outlined a systematic development process for Vtion app which involves - identification of the need, running a feasible study, building the app, deployment and post-development phase.


Problem Identification

In this rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, the need for media measurement for broadcasted radio and smartphones is also growing which further comes as a core thought of measuring content consumption and providing actionable data to marketers. The Vtion app will be a trusted source that will consider the radio and audio consumption on smart devices.

  • Collect passive data of actual audience behaviour
  • Eliminate human intervention
  • Analyze consumer behaviour and trends
  • Enrich data with multiple output modules

Feasibility Study

The client wanted to bring something unique in the market that tracks audience engagement with a focus on Broadcast FM Radio, OTT Audio Streaming and OTT Video Streaming. After having all the discussions regarding the tech stack and programming language, we outlined the basic structure and set about the development of the app.

  • Tracks audio consumption in smartphones
  • Understands the installation metrics
  • Measures digital content with audio signals
  • Helps advertisers get neutral tactical insights
  • Creates successful and targeted campaigns


User research

We carried out user research to understand the effective methods of measuring media consumptions over smartphones and the installation criteria of using data for target groups. This made us mark the global appeal of products services.

Product discovery workshop

Product discovery workshop plays a significant role in shaping up the idea of the solution. This phase helps the product development team to analyse the target market, the need for the product in the market as well as all the project requirements and goals. During this workshop, the QSS Technosoft team connected with the client and discussed radio stations and different audio and radio consumption tools.

In order to eliminate all the risks at an early stage, we dig through the technical requirements of the product, its complexity and business goals. This helped us understand the product and client's needs in a better and more profound way. In the end, we outlined the mapping of MVP even to the smallest details and ensured all the important aspects to be considered during the development stage.

Competitor Analysis

After the discovery workshop, the most pivotal step that helps in developing the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) in the market is a thorough analysis of the competitors.

The Challenges

Mobile app development is becoming quite competitive. The well-versed team of developers at QSS Technosoft faced multiple challenges while opting to pursue a mixed sourcing model. Major difficulties which the team came across are -

  • Gather independent and potential insights
  • Developing effective methods to measure consumption patterns
  • Track accurate radio and audio consumption
  • Detect hidden audio tones
  • Usage of KPIs on a repetitive basis
  • Backed with a built-in monitoring feature

Final Outcome

With consistent efforts, the team of in-house developers and designers constructed a native cross-platform app that pulls information on audience engagement and works on highly scalable measurement mechanisms. The app is amalgamated with JavaScript programming language with MySQL database for back-end tech stack.

  • Leverages passive data collection methodologies
  • Unique SaaS-based application
  • Highly scalable and ensure complete privacy
  • Works on cloud-based analytical services
  • Facilitates faster and accurate decision making
  • Provide individual & collective analytics
Information Architecture
Technology Stack








My first experience with QSS Technosoft was great. The entire team was highly committed to the plan and the requirements.

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