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End-to-end solutions for the digital transformation of business projects.

At QSS Technosoft, delivering one-stop digital solutions for web and mobile app development is in our DNA. We have the expertise to adopt shifting evolution in technology that empowers us to help your business staying ahead in competitive markets.

We strive to offer full-stack iOS and Android app development services as well as web development services. This is in conjunction with the requirements of continuous evaluation, quality assurance, and project lifecycle management. We have all the competence that you are looking for the creation of a fully-developed, secure and scalable product for your business.

web application development

Web and Mobile app development services suite

Our app development services, span the technology transformation progression from the commencement of the project till going live so that you can deliver value unremittingly and meet your users’ expectations. Our scope of services mainly includes:

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Web Application Development
We offer both front-end and back-end web development services to businesses across different industry verticals. Our highly-experienced developers hold years of experience working on AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js, Java, Dot Net, Python, and PHP.
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Mobile Application Development
We develop mobile applications, be its implementation using Native or hybrid technologies, as required by the customer. We have a proven track of delivering a good number of mobile applications related to B2B or B2C segments, which are deployed over respective stores.
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UI/UX Design
We deliver highly-intuitive UI and UX designing, prototyping, and branding solutions for both web and mobile applications. Our approach is quite straightforward. We primarily lay more emphasis on understanding how the targeted audience will respond, while using our client’s product.
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Quality Assurance and Testing
Our quality assurance and testing squad undertake a meticulous approach to corroborate that the built functionality equates your business goals. Also, make sure if the code is fairly free from any sort of defects by conducting manual, automated testing and writing automated unit tests for specific business requirements.
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Project Management
We have a team of dedicated project managers, who spares no effort to go beyond your expectations and meet your business requirements. They put a thorough check on the team’s performance and make certain that your product is delivered within the stipulated time frame.
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Strategic Consulting
Through our consulting services, we facilitate our clients to reduce upstream delays, decreasing cycle times, radically reducing the time-to-market, maximizing the increase in ROI and assist you in planning so to achieve business goals at right time, increase throughput and reinforce security parameters.
How do we work?

At QSS Technosoft, we strive to build strong associations with our customers by performing three things: Being responsible for our projects, bring transparency in our processes, and Delivering exceptional outcomes.