Crypto Exchange Development Services

Buying, Selling & Exchanging Multiple Crypto currencies are made Possible now.

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QSS Technosoft is a crypto currency exchange development company pioneers in developing complete crypto currency exchange software to facilitate secure and fast transactions. We are backed up by an experienced team of Blockchain developers who can build a customizable and scalable crypto currency exchange platform focussing on security, connectivity of your business.

We are a trusted Blockchain Development Company in India and helps you creating a decentralized app over Blockchain network as a part of your business reality with our Crypto Exchange Device development solutions. Our hack-proof and transparent solutions for the concurrent interchange of crypto currencies on different platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger will help you obtain the maximum results.

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Why it is required?

Due to high trading volume demand by the users’ worldwide, Crypto currency exchanges is an utmost requirement for most of the businesses today. A crypto currency exchange will help you get into a great revolution for all your future transactions. Crypto currency transactions are recorded on the Blockchain, paving way for a decentralized value exchange.

A Crypto currency Exchange platform enables buyers & sellers to exchange their coins with other coins or to further sell or buy the crypto currency with the market trends. The process works like a financial exchange and is considered the most secure and globally accepted.


Crypto currency Exchange Services We Offer

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Wallet development for Crypto currencies
Our experienced crypto exchange developers can help you create a wallet of crypto currency like Ether, Bitcoins, pitcoins, Lite coins etc.
payment gateway
Crypto currencies payment gateway integration
We have a strong team of Blockchain developers who can also provide integration with respective Blockchain of supported Crypto currencies.
payment gateway
Fiat Currency Payment Gateway integration
We also offer solutions by integrating the fiat currency payment gateway for Crypto currency transactions at the exchange developed.
api integration
Crypto exchange API integration for updated price
Offering a Crypto APIs infrastructure layer that allows users to manage his orders, check history and withdraw using the exchange API. The integration of exchange APIs like BitRax, Binnace also provide updated price for crypto currencies against fiat currencies worldwide.
Token Generation
We develop a platform to create tokens as per ER – 20 standards for IEO projects to be traded by the investors in the Exchange.
Escrow Services
An encrypted escrow services are developed where the buyer and seller agree on a transaction and organize its delivery date to avoid any frauds in transactions.

Crypto currency Exchange Development Solutions

QSS develop exchange platforms for crypto traders to trade crypto currencies in an easy and secure manner. Our Blockchain developers are proficient at developing iOS and Android compatible exchange platforms to facilitate trading using mobile devices. Following are the features we offer in our crypto currency exchange development services:

Web and Mobile Adaptability
QSS developers’ help you trade on web and mobile by developing highly scalable responsive designs, adaptable in different operating systems, and modern API interface for liquidity integration.
Scalable Architecture
We offer a scalable architecture adapting to micro services complexities that supports cloud deployment.
Intuitive User-interface
We rely on developing a user-friendly interface that has a minimalistic, semantic, and customizable design.
blockchain integration
Blockchain APIs Development
Our Blockchain APIs development enables users to trade using real-time charts and historical values with third-party integration support.
Configurable Admin Console
Our crypto currency exchange services enable admin to edit trading fees, add new crypto currencies, manage listings, support countries, and configure as per new market trends.
Security and Compliance
Activating security measures with cold wallet integration, multi signature solution, 2FA, anti-money laundering, KYC compliance, AES 256 cryptography standards and more.
smart contacts development
Smart Contract Development
Enabling users to trade, manage and transfer asset rights through smart contract deployed on a Blockchain platform.