How to Build a Dream 11 like Fantasy Sports App

Is it Worth to Build Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

With the growing fan base of cricket, football, rugby, basketball, and other games & sport tournaments around the world,  Sports Industry has undoubtedly become a billion-dollar industry of this era. Considering this immense popularity, startups seeking to invest in something innovative can definitely consider investing in sports app development. 

But then there are already thousands of apps placed at PlayStore and App Stores. So, how to get an innovative idea for a sports app- something that never been made yet? 

This article will guide you through the latest trends of sports app development, the market analysis of users interact with different gaming apps and a handful of exclusive sports app business ideas. Besides these ideas, we are giving you a precise detail about the popular Fantasy sports app like DREAM 11. Checkout to know how you can build a Fantasy sports app like Dream 11 with exceptional features.

Latest Trends in Sports App Development

Sports app industry is set to see the latest trends that will enhance your gaming experience to a greater level.

Massive Use of Technologies like AI & AR and VR

After already revolutionizing other big sectors, Artificial Intelligence is all set to change the gaming experience of users. The AI technology is now being used in sports apps so as to deliver a personalized user experience by suggesting the content users like. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality ar also enhancing the sports IT sector by delivering real-life experiences. When used for live streaming sports app development, these technologies can make users feel the live moment like if they are sitting in the stadium.

Compulsory Social media integration

Social sharing features greatly boost the user engagement. The integration of social media helps users share their experience on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which further helps in building brand reputation.


Gamification has got an essential place in almost all types of mobile applications including  fantasy sports app development. It adds fun elements to your apps that increases user engagement.

Top 5 Most Unique Sports App ideas to Go with

Looking for some innovative sports app ideas for your startup? We have handpicked the 6 best ones-

1. eSports App

You can eSports app is just like Netflix & Prime that allows users to enjoy sports content anywhere anytime. One can tune to all live sports happening around the world. To make your app stand out, you can add features like in-app discussions, push notifications, watch highlights, and more.

2. Fantasy sports app

Fantasy sports are definitely a big hit these days. These apps allow users to make their own virtual team for a sport like Cricket or Football already being played live somewhere. One such big Fantasy sports app is DREAM11.

3. Ticket booking app

A ticket booking mobile app would provide the sports lovers a platform where they can easily book tickets for their favourite sports like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, and other upcoming sports events happening around the world.

4. Sports news app

Sports lovers would clearly love this idea of developing a dedicated sports news application which will keep the sports lover updated with what’s new in the sports world.

5. Team management app

This type of app can help coaches, trainers, or instructors to manage their team, decide their training time, and keep a record of their performance during different matches. The app also serves as a communication platform between players & coaches. 

Invest in Building A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11

Amidst the massive craze of cricket tournaments like IPL, investing in Fantasy sports app like Dream11 is certainly a great idea. With over 20 million registered users from around the world, DREAM 11 has emerged to become one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports app industry. This application is grabbing user attraction allowing the participants to win some quick money.

Why Fantasy Sports App Development- Market Analysis

The first report on the growth of Fantasy Sports App development Industry states:

  • IFSG-AC Nielsen report says that 2 out of 3 i.e. 67% of the 18 crore online Indian cricket fans are aware of fantasy sports & are a regular user.
  • Dream11 has over 1.8 crore users associated with it and is one of the biggest players in the race of Fantasy apps.
  • With a total 67% of users having atleast 1 Fantasy app on their smartphone, the data signals towards the tremendous growth potential for the industry.
  • In terms of user engagement, it is revealed that a user likely tends to spend 42 minutes a day playing any fantasy game on its smartphone.

Building a Dream 11 Like Sports App- Must to Include Features

General Features :

Multi-platform availability- Your sports app should be adaptable to multiple platforms- including desktop, mobile website or a native mobile application.

One App Multiple Sports- Your app must support all types of sports from cricket and football to e-games and more.

Referrals and Achievements- This feature keeps your users’ interest intact and enhances users engagement. 

Massive scalability- Your Fantasy app should be efficient in handling millions of active users together without any failure or impacting the app performance.

Multilingual platform- The app must be integrated with multilingual ability so as to handle different languages & communicate from users around the world.

Additional Features

Live Match Score: This function will help users to watch live scores for their favourite matches and sports.

CRM integration: Your sports app must be integrated with the back-end service provider for managing other sports activities like tickets, user-location, send emails, push notification etc.

Real-time Analytics: This technology is crucial to be included in sports app as it shows real time analytics of live matches. The live mach score data needs to be captured, stored & updated in real-time.

Push Notification: Alerts and messages via push notifications keep notifying users about the happenings of a particula tournament. It informs you when to create a team, when the match will begin, expert analysis for a match etc.

GPS Location Tracking: This feature is effective in sending alerts and push notifications to the app users about the upcoming or ongoing leagues and matches nearby their location.

Custom Mail Reminders: Custom Mails will be sent to the participants to inform them about upcoming matches, or information related to their picked players or team.

Easy Payment System: The app must be integrated with various payment modes like Debit/Credit card, Net banking, UPI payments or e-Wallet.

Build Your Dream11 Like Fantasy Sports App from Top Sports App Developers

Dream11 is definitely one of the most popular and trending fantasy app to invest in. If you are scouting for an innovative business idea post COVID-19, this is the best one to go for.

Worried about the development process required for an app like Dream11? Develop the most scalable sports application for your startup from industry experts having a decade experience.

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