Developing a NFT Gaming Platform like Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty: Building a Revolutionary NFT Gaming Platform

NFTs are the hottest new topic that has set a new trend in the crypto market. NFT in the gaming sector offers you to play games in a realistic way by trading NFTs in the virtual world. With NFTs, one can develop, buy and sell special tokens at a reasonable cost. One of the popular NFT games of recent times is Crypto Dynasty.

Crypto Dynasty is a DApp game that uses Blockchain technology that provides a Real-Life Game Experience with an opportunity to earn while trading NFTs. Entrepreneurs who want to attract online gamers by developing their own crypto gaming platform can invest in developing a Blockchain Gaming platform like Crypto Dynasty. The following blog enlists insights about an NFT Game like Crypto Dynasty & the procedures to develop it. Continue reading to know more.

What is a Crypto Dynasty Game & How does it Work?

crypto dynasty

Crypto Dynasty is an NFT game based on attacking castles and character progression. You can play & progress in the game by leveling, riding mounts, and crafting equipment that allows you to attack more and more castles to rank up. The more castles and ranks you acquire, the more you can do in the game to earn more assets/NFTs. The main parts of this game are-

1. Props Trading – Here, you can trade props, earn profit and have lots of fun.

2. Equipment Recycling –  Plenty of cryptocurrencies (ETH/EOS) are rewarded every week for equipment recycling.

3. Competitive Rewards – Players can improve their ranking list to win high rewards like-

1. Spending Reward: Players can earn TKT tokens for every purchase on heroes, tiger runes, etc.

2. Trading Reward: Players can buy game assets from the marketplace to earn rewards 

3. Battle Reward: Players gain reputations through marches by killing enemies and can earn TKT cryptocurrency tokens as their reputation share.

4. Quest Reward: Players will be rewarded with TKT tokens by completing special tasks in the game.

5. Arena Reward: Players are rewarded with TKT cryptocurrency tokens for defeating other players.

4. Mining Dividends – Mining assets can be stalked to get rewards with assets etc.

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Must-Have Features/Functionalities of Crypto Dynasty Gaming platform

Here are some important features & functionalities of this game that one should consider before developing a game clone like Crypto Dynasty.

Multi-platform Support

Though the platform is exclusively designed for the mobile platform, it can be accessed on various other platforms too. The game supports all available platforms.

Decentralized System

The platform for these types of games are completely decentralized and are built to take care of the extreme privacy of the players.

Cross-chain bridge

The platform must be equipped with features to export the NFTs to various different platforms built on different blockchains. This ensures the efficiency of the platform.                      

Blockchain integration

As per the requirements and the demands of the client, the latest Blockchain integration is needed.   

Verification Process

This feature facilitates the verification process between the gamers and the developer. This enables both of them to have complete information about the functions.                  

Marketplace development

An exclusive NFT marketplace functionality is built for the players to sell, stake, and mint the assets of the platform into NFTs. This is the primary marketplace that also has the ability to support various types of blockchains.

Other Essential Builds

Various other essential builds are integrated such as the dashboard to growth hack, Wallet to make the transition easier, filter, and other essential APIs to fit in the technical advancement side of the platform with utmost efficiency.

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Build Robust NFT Gaming PLatform Like Crypto Dynasty from NFT Experts

NFTs are most likely a good investment if you are looking to start your own gaming platform. QSS is a Renowned NFT Game Development Company that offers NFT-based games/ Blockchain Game Development Solutions to start your own gaming platform like Crypto Dynasty.

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We offer end-to-end NFT development services and solutions globally. Our dedicated blockchain developers specialized in offering customized tokens with an innovative platform as per your business that helps you to build your own non-fungible token. We have a professional team of NFT game developers with expertise in offering complete solutions like-

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