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Future trends of Software Testing for Quality Delivery


The rapid technological advancements in the software testing industry lead to the rise of the evolution of new testing approaches. Quality delivery factors are being given major attention, which results in the reduction of software application errors, improving security and application performance. There is a strong need to adapt the latest testing trends for the Quality Assurance professionals to stay relevant in the software testing industry.


The software development industry has evolved rapidly, so it is essential for QA testing companies to know about the latest testing trends. Quality Assurance professionals will have to constantly refresh their knowledge base on new tools and processes.

List of major Future trends that are changing the face of software testing for quality delivery:

Growing Focus on Artificial Intelligence

AI-based applications are rapidly growing. Many QA Testing companies have already figured out the way to incorporate AI into their product. Investing in AI is not going to be a failure. AI will improve a lot with the capabilities of Self-healing, Self-maintaining, Self-reporting, Self-monitoring, etc. AI, as it continuously monitors your application every second, it knows the DOM change and easily report those changes during the test run and self-heals them. Open source is everywhere; integrating AI service with open source tools such as selenium and Appium will make those AI-based testing even more affordable and powerful. With the rising demand of AI-powered software testing tools, software testers might need training at earliest. Having a good understanding of AI and its applications will be helpful.

The Rise in IOT Testing

IoT (Internet of Things) technology is gaining popularity in dealing with millions of devices, providing with a whole new set of development and testing challenges. The real-time environments in which IoT devices operate needs real-time testing. Data transport over IoT devices requires continuous security that involves access controls, authentication, encryption, and private access.QA professionals must have a creative solution to test IoT devices that are innovatively, comprehensively, and flexibly constructed to align with product design. There are several appropriate test options for IoT devices to perform test coverage for multi-platform data flows.

Increase in the popularity of automation

Organization having test automation see numerous benefits, including faster testing cycles, improved test coverage and the ability to catch bugs earlier. Automation decreases the ordinary testing efforts and stimulates the testing process. Specialized tools are used to support regression tests, which require repetitive actions, data generation, functional and non-functional testing. Test automation helps to ensure high- quality software is delivered.

The Agile Approach

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that represents a fundamental change in how organizations operate. Agile provides an excellent framework that allows enterprises to release software in smaller iterations, but at a much faster pace. In the agile approach, new features are delivered incrementally with each sprint. The adoption of Agile has gained much interest over the past years helps in empowering digital transformation. The agile methodology ensures faster quality delivery of software in a cost-effective manner. It helps to align the business with technology, which will serve as the foundation for all operational activities.

Big Data Testing

Big Data has the capability to reveal resourceful insights of high volume generated data that can help a business to make better decisions. In Big Data high volume of critical data is generated by a system at very high velocity, so quality data is a critical factor during big data testing. The quality of data is verified before the testing begins, which helps to recognize and identify defects and inconsistencies in data at an early stage. Doing so will help reduce costs and realize business goals. Big Data is quickly emerging as one of the leading technologies that will define the future and helps a business makes decisions and defines growth trends.


The pace of change will be rapid, and QA Professionals need to continuously learn and stay current on new tools and processes. Future of software testing is all about problem-solving and QA Professionals will not only own quality but will also guide others on how to ensure software meets certain quality standards.

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About Author:
Author Amrit Kumar Jha is a QA Engineer currently working with QSS Technosoft Pvt Ltd. He has completed his Master’s degree in Computer Application.


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