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Golang – #1 Language on Web Developer’s list

Previously, developers opt for the programming language based on their preferences and expertise. Today, many factors play around in choosing the best programming language, one being easy to code readability & low costs.

Among a number of programming languages that are in existence today, Golang or the Go programming language developed by Google is playing at the forefront. Came into the existence in 2009, Golang has grabbed a steady increase in popularity this year as compared to the previous year. Most of the developers prefer using the language for developing their next projects. The popularity of the language is further estimated from the fact that some top-notch giants including Google, IBM, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Docker, etc are making use of this programming language.

Coming to the more facts & figures, HackerRank Developer Skills Report insight shows that Go is at the top of the developers’ list for the year and they find Golang the most promising language in 2019. HackerRank Developer Skills is a leading platform that provides insights into the Developer Skills Report- the developer and employers’ trends for a particular year.

This blog enlists the most admiring features and pros of Golang with learning on why Go is the most preferred language among the developers to get web development services at very cost-effective prices.

Go with GO Language

Go with Go Language

Golang helps you develop simple, reliable, and efficient software. It basically came into existence when designers wanted to have a platform that resolves common criticisms of other languages while retaining the useful characteristic of them. This include :

  • Static typing and efficiency as like C++ & Java
  • Productivity and usability like Python & JavaScript
  • Multiprocessing & high-performance networking

These three features of C++, Java, Python are combined to build Golang that is today known for developing scalable web applications. This language has raised lots of hope for new coders & developers. Though it is yet to catch up with the likes of Python, JS, Java, it is slowly becoming one of the most promising languages to learn and adapt in the coming future.

Why Golang Framework for Web App development?

Golang development company offers a budget-friendly, lightweight, open-source language best for today’s microservices architectures. Container darling Docker, as well as container orchestration product Kubernetes by Google, are built using Go. The language helps developers build an overall performance of your website. Built by Google, it provides excellent support for multithreading and so; it is being used by a lot of companies that rely heavily on distributed systems.

The Stack Overflow Survey for 2017 shows the increased popularity of Go. They also conducted a comprehensive survey according to which- “64,000 developers agree to mention Go as their preference. Developers find it the “Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Languages.”

A number of corporations today are using Go language when building their projects- Google Inc., BBC Worldwide, Basecamp, Canonical, Dropbox, DigitalOcean, eBay, Yahoo, and many other companies.

GoLang: Features & Pros

Wondering why Golang is one of the sought after & most favorite programming languages for among the web app developers around the world? Here are the exciting features the make it so. Also, we have listed the pros & cons of the language to make you understand this language in a better way.

Pros of Golang:

  • Backed by Google– Go language has the support of the world’s giant network- Google.
  • Most Secure– Go is a statically-typed language that makes it more secure.
  • Build SPAs– The language is ideal for building SPAs (single-page applications)
  • Easy to Learn– Cleaner syntax in Go makes it easier to learn. Developers can more easily document their code and generate human-readable data out of source code comments.
  • Extensive Library– Comprehensive standard library offering a range of inbuilt functions for working with primitive types. It has extensive C libraries as well as it works on the fully working web server.
  • Very Fast- Being compiled to machine code, Go is very fast & reliable. It compiles projects very fast and can even be applied for editing directly on the web.

Exciting Features of Golang

Goalng Features

  • Real-time development- Go undergo real-time development creating programs that users sense as immediate or current offering solutions for e-commerce, chatting, online gaming and more.
  • Cloud infrastructure- Golang provides on-demand access to shared computer processing that you to process your data on a privately-owned cloud or a third-party server. The well-known Google Cloud and Docker platform are also developed using Golang.
  • Networking development- Golang features goroutines and channels that meet modern technology needs & requirements. Go attributes, like the speed of development and deployment, also work perfectly for this task.
  • Microservices- Go-kit provides specialized support, like infrastructure integration and system observability that is suited to write microservices.

I hope the above blog gave you a fair understanding of what extra features Golang programming language can bring in for your website. Looking to build a web app with a limited budget using Golang?

Focusing on your success by creating the most user-friendly web & mobile apps, the company feels proud of mentioning its large base of happy clients from across the globe. Contact us for your requirements filling the form below.

About Author:
Author Rashmi Kanti is a passionate content writer & a blogger having written numerous blogs for IT domain. Being into the Blogging world for the past 4 years, she is presently contributing technology loaded articles & blogs regularly to QSS Technosoft. Rashmi has a proficient knowledge of the latest market trends in the mobile & web applications and expresses herself a big technology geek.

About QSS:
QSS Technosoft is the best web development company that offers best-in budget Golang services for building highly interactive scalable apps at a lightning-fast speed.

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