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Guide & Cost to Develop Snapchat Like App

Snapchat has been rising in popularity over recent years, thanks to its unique features like augmented reality and face filters that have captivated users of all ages. People around the world have grown remarkably fond of the popular app’s photo-messaging services offered for free. The appeal and presence Snapchat offers through its fun interactive features make it no surprise because more entrepreneurs are seeking to develop their own Snapchat-like apps.  

Snapchat allows for quick and easy photo and video sharing with friends and family, making it a great way to stay connected from just about anywhere. There’s an air of vibrancy around the one-stop shop for reliable shared media editing, gifs, and features that guarantee a pleasant user experience every time you use Snapchat.  

Inspired by the success of Snapchat? Want to develop a similar app? Look no further – this guide has you covered. Taking you step by step through the entire development process, from sketches and planning to launch, we’ll show you how to build a Samsung Snap-like app quickly and confidently.   

Plus, during your journey, we’ll provide helpful tips on getting your new app out into the world and maximizing your return on investment. Referencing best practices from existing players in the market, our comprehensive advice will ensure that launching your newest venture will be both budget-friendly and smoothly navigated. 

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How to Develop a Snapchat-like App?

develop snapchat like app

Developing a successful Snapchat-like app involves more than just creating an interesting user interface – there are many technical aspects of the process that would require expertise in mobile development, software engineering and design. However, if you have the resources to invest in such a project, it is possible to build an app that could become just as popular as Snapchat. We will explore the steps and considerations you’ll need to make to develop a successful Snapchat-like app. 

Step 1 – Understand What Makes Snapchat So Popular:

Before you embark on your journey to develop a Snapchat-like app, it’s essential that you comprehend the features that make it so popular. To get started, let’s look at the core elements of social networks like Snapchat, such as its ephemeral messaging and its users’ personalized Discover Content. 

If you investigate deeper into what resonates with Snapchat users, it becomes evident that they appreciate the convenience of the user interface and creative photo filters/lenses. If you can home in on these characteristics as well while adding in something unique, your platform will be more likely to succeed in the same regard and be successful for the same reasons. 

Step 2 – Consider Your Target Audience:

consider your target audience

Now that you understand the popularity of Snapchat, it’s time to consider what kind of users you want your app to attract. Clearly, if you’re looking to build a similar platform, its user base which is mainly made up of millennials is undoubtedly an attractive one. But don’t limit yourselfYounger teens or the generation older than 50 are two demographics worth breaching as well. Before proceeding with the development stage, it’s essential that you know who your target market is and design features they would find useful and engaging. 

Step 3 – Identify and Analyse Your Competitors:

Now we know who our potential customers are, it’s time to start looking into the competition. Building a successful, Snapchat-style app means it has to be unique and grab users’ attention more than everybody else’s. To figure out how to make yours stand out from the crowd, scan through what’s currently out there. Analyse the features of other similar apps, paying special attention to user interfaces and their overall user experiences – you can then use this as inspiration when designing yours. Taking the time to thoroughly research competitors give your app the best chance of success. 

Step 4 – Design a Wireframe:

design a wireframe

Developing an app is like creating a painting – planning in advance is key. Creating a wireframe (i.e. a plan that outlines your app’s design, features, and overall feel) is one of the essential steps to take. Taking it one step at a time helps create an intuitive understanding of what goes into building a successful user experience. Start with the basics such as concept layout and continue to revise based on feedback from users and stakeholders. Once you have a clear vision for your app’s UI/UX, you’ll have placed yourself in the front seat when crafting a wonderful user experience for your app. 

Step 5 – Choose Your Technology Stack:

Deciding which technology stack to choose for your app is a crucial step in the development process. Consider carefully which programming language you’d like to use, as well as the framework, as these steps will shape how user friendly and efficient your app will be. The platform on which you want your app available is also essential. All these decisions together will determine the overall experience for users while using it and its performance speed. Take the time to reflect upon all the options before making a choice; this is an extremely important decision. 

Step 6 – Develop Your App:

Now that all the necessary pieces are in place, your development journey can begin. Programming, scrutinising and debugging -all essential processes that will bring your app to life. Every element is critical, and creation won’t happen overnight, so be sure to plan your time ahead wisely. A few sleepless nights may be part of the process – with some measured optimism there’s no challenge that can’t be conquered. When each section has been done until you’re satisfied with the results, you’ll know it’s ready to grace the launch stage. Your efforts will pay off, and users everywhere could love your work. 

Step 7 – Launch Your App:

The time has come to launch your app. The process involves submitting it for review to an appropriate app store. Get a head start by constructing a marketing plan and taking into consideration user feedback which is more valuable than ever. Your success relies heavily on tracking various analytics while you’re online. That way, you will have a better grasp of insights like Return on Investment (ROI). Plus, you could use those analytics as a guidebook for improvement leading up to the next phase of instructions. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Snapchat-Like App?

cost to develop snapchat app

Developing an app like Snapchat can be a major financial investment. Depending on the level of complexity and features of the app, expanses can range from around $20,000 to an even greater hundred thousand price tag. The timeline for development matters when determining app development cost as it depends upon which team members are working on it and the proportionality of the project scope. Therefore, there is much that needs to be considered before filing the papers involved with initiating tech software ventures.  

Although Snapchat has become well known, there is much more than meets the eye to this unique application with regards to its design and user appeal. Beyond sending resizable photos, videos or text messages to friends or family – one can enjoy developing lenses and filters as well as Geo filters for even more dynamic content and amusement that surely captivate social media circles. For creators, this is an undeniable eye candy tool which offers a great wide array of options at beck and call. 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Developing A Snapchat-like App

Below are the various factors that affect the cost of developing a Snapchat-like app 


The features of a Snapchat-like app are hugely influential when calculating the cost of development. If carefully implemented, lenses, filters, Geo filters and text messaging all have the potential to greatly improve the user experience by keeping them engaged. However, all of these additional features require greater resources in terms of memory and expertise which therefore increases the cost and time spent in development stages. This means that designing an app with such advanced functionality will inevitably lead to an elevated expense. 


The Snapchat-like app under development must be tailored for multiple platforms. iOS and Android require distinct investments of time and resources, so this creates additional expenses. Augmenting the app to two different operating systems or environments exponentially increases its cost. The existing codebase must be carefully managed and altered where necessary and handled with special care to comply with both the Apple Store’s requirements and those of the Google Play store. It is not an inconsequential matter, as indulging in a build requiring double the resources can directly steer pricing drastically higher. 


Designing an app like Snapchat is both an art and a science. Integrating fun elements with functionality requires diverse skill sets, leading to increased costs. A visually appealing, user-friendly app will require more engineering hours than a simple one, thus adding to the total development cost. Nevertheless, the outlay associated with such sophistication can be worth it when users return time and again for a completely engaging experience. Further investments may also be needed in software resources without which the app could lack optimal performance levels and stability. All this contributes to a higher cost. 

Third-party integrations:

Integrating third-party services into your app is essential for a successful Snapchat-like experience, such as payment gateways or analytics providers. However, these integrations come at an extra cost: custom development from scratch, which can be time-consuming and costly. Developing strong third-party integrations add to the overall development cost of your Snapchat look alike app, making it prudent to factor in additional costs accordingly. Avoid unnecessary expenditure by leveraging existing libraries or services available in the market – this helps ease integration process and saves both time and money. 


User security is paramount, particularly for popular apps such as Snapchat. Adopting specific security strategies, such as a secure authentication system and encryption, is essential for providing user privacy. This comes at an additional cost of development that must be considered when building these applications. Keeping users safe online is increasingly a priority of many social media platforms; investing in innovative cybersecurity measures might be too expensive today but saving even just one person safely building that trust could make it more than worthwhile in the long term. 

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Who Can Develop A Snapchat-like App?

develop snapchat like app

If you’re looking for help developing an app, the obvious answer is to opt for one of the many app development companies out there. These companies typically have deep experience profiling, developing, and designing apps for both iOS and Android. Moreover, they also boast a talented team of developers, designers, and testers – ideal if you need something developed from scratch or just adjusted on an existing model. 

Considering the complexity of a project such as creating a Snapchat-like platform, it is prudent to have cost in mind when weighing your options. Comparing different pricing from appetising tariffs to more comprehensive offers can unlock the highest quality service at an unbeatable rate. To not be stung uncomfortably down the line by unforeseen costs, it pays to solemnly consider comparative pricing in a bespoke market inundated with possibilities. 


Developing a successful Snapchat clone takes time and effort – a task that can be made easier with the right strategy. Start by understanding the core user experience elements of ‘the original’: What makes it so engaging, so successful? Then move on to refine the key elements for your own product.   

Once you’ve clued yourself up on what works and what doesn’t, you then need to start thinking about how to pull an app off – from forming a budget to choosing the right technology stack, these must-have considerations before embarking on an app project.   

And finally, every developer should double-check for compliance with any privacy regulations before filling their user’s screens with rich media. If acted and planned out properly, you can soon be well on your way to creating an exceptional user experience. 

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