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Guide & Cost to develop Uber Eats Like App

Uber Eats is revolutionising the way restaurant-partnering services operate. Developed by the well-known ride-hailing company Uber, this delivery and food ordering app first launched in 2014 and has gained tremendous popularity since. It is quickly becoming one of the world’s top online food delivery journeys. Whenever new functions become available, the base of users and sourcing partnerships grow by more than what was expected. It has indeed established itself as the perfect reference model for entrepreneurs desiring to develop delivery apps on their own. 

If you are planning on launching an app inspired by Uber Eats, this guide will provide comprehensive advice for developing every detail necessary. All key elements of the app’s development concept like user experience design, processes related to restaurant onboarding, marketing tactics, and promotion plans will be discussed thoroughly.   

Furthermore, salient points such as feature optimization, useful monetization methods and reliable analytics tools to track the performance of the app will be addressed. As a result of reading this guide, developers should have detailed information on how to make their Uber Eats-like project successful. 

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What is an Uber Eats Like App?

Uber Eats Like App

Uber Eats is the ultimate food delivery app. It allows users to conveniently place orders from their favorite restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets. With its presence on both Android and iOS platforms, UberEATS has become one of the most popular apps in the market. Moreover, its wide selection of eateries gives customers a choice to order food without even needing to leave home or work. An endless variety of favorites just press a button away; that’s what makes ordering with Uber Eats so exciting. 

How to Develop an Uber Eats Like App?

Uber Eats Like App

We will provide you with the essential steps on how to develop an Uber Eats like app, from planning and design to development and marketing.  


Creating a successful Uber Eats clone involves careful planning. You’ll need to consider all elements of development, such as features, tech stacks, and timelines. Additionally, identify your target customers and be keenly aware of potential competition. This will help your app stand out from the rest. When developing an app, you should also keep a handle on expenses – don’t forget costs such as hosting fees and more minor but required expense categories. Consider these skilfully and create a budget that covers all associated long term development costs. 

Creating a Prototype: 

Once you have all the relevant information at your fingertips, it’s time to create the first draft of your food delivery app – or a prototype, as it’s often referred to. This initial program should be basic but comprehensive, including all features envisioned for the ultimate product. Thanks to the prototyping stage, potential investors and other stakeholders can confidently grasp the following: what your food delivery app looks like and how it operates. No need to break a sweat; it doesn’t have to be perfectly polished or completely refined yet. Your priority here is simply getting everyone familiar with your aspired final draft. 


design taxi app

Once your plan is complete, the subsequent step is designing the app. Creating an intuitive user interface (UI) that performs well visually is paramount. Crucially, the features in your plan must be included and appropriately optimized for mobile devices.  

The process of how people will move between sections of the app whilst using it needs consideration. It’s essential that this feels seamless for users as it can rapidly impact their overall experience. 


Once your design is complete, you can move on to the development process. Utilizing coding languages such as Java or Python, create the back end of your application using reliable databases that are competent in managing vast amounts of data. Moreover, to guarantee a universal reach from both iOS and Android phones, a user-friendly framework such as React Native or Flutter should be employed in building your application. 


After your application has been developed, the all-important task of testing comes next. Usability and performance tests are invaluable for making sure the app operates optimally pre-launch. Consider having a third-party testing service, like TestFlight or App Thwack, sweep the application to locate any possible hiccups. By employing this step, you’ll have a greater level of assurance that the application is stable and secure. 

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Marketing & Promotion Plans: 

Creating an effective marketing and promotion strategy is essential to your Uber Eats-like app’s success. Maximizing visibility and growing a user base are critical parts of such a strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be helpful when it comes to optimizing your content and keywords, getting backlinks on other websites, and relying on social media for broader reach. Moreover, contextual advertising that can be found on Google Ads is also worth considering maximizing your efforts. 

In addition to online strategies, traditional formats can prove effective in marketing and promotion; for instance, print media campaigns or targeted advertisements on digital billboards. It may even be beneficial to form alliances with any local food delivery services and restaurants that could draw attention from their customers toward your app’s features. 

Monetization Strategies: 

Creating value for customers is a crucial component of any successful UberEATS-like app. Profit generation can be achieved through utilising various monetization methods such as charging commission fees, establishing subscription models, and adding delivery charges to orders. Utilizing these monetization strategies can strengthen the app’s revenue model. 

Commission fees provide restaurants with an additional stream of revenue when customers place orders through the app. Whether it’s a certain percentage on total order prices or peer matching orders, commission fees act as motivation for restaurants to expand their customer base through your app. 

Analytics Tools:

analytics tools

Data is essential to truly understanding the performance of any Uber Eats-like app. By using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, you can have access to key user behaviors, engagement levels, and the success of your app at any given time.  

Google Analytics allows you to uncover incoming user data in regard to your app – how often customers access it, which features they interact with most frequently, and how long they explore the app can all be identified. With a streamlined understanding of current end-user behavior, you are better equipped to assess the effectiveness of your app’s performance. Understanding where users are spending their time most offers insight into just how successful your endeavors really are. 

This information allows you to make better decisions when it comes to development processes, marketing strategies, and plans for promoting your app, as well as usable insights that help you enhance user experience significantly. 

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What are the Different Pricing Models for an Uber Eats Like App Development? 

When it comes to pricing models, there are several options available. The most common ones include the following:  

  • Fixed Price Model: One popular model is the Fixed Price Model, where developers will charge a fixed fee for the app – based on the scope of work and its complexity. This is an attractive option for businesses that need comprehensive development but have locked budgets; as it provides a cost-effective solution. 
  • Time and Material Model: In this model, developers will charge an hourly rate depending on factors such as infrastructural setup or sophisticated placements needed, etc. That way businesses can provide tailored solutions according to their needs and budget restrictions.
  • Value Pricing Model: In this model, where fees are based on factors like customer satisfaction, market trends & user feedback. It can assist small businesses who want to develop their app in stages by arriving at a price they’re comfortable with spending at any given time.

How Much will it Cost to Build a Food Delivery App Like Uber Eats?

Cost to Build a Food Delivery App

Developing an Uber Eats like app can be quite costly. Every project is unique, but certain factors will affect the cost of development, such as the complexity of the project, the type and amount of features required, and third-party integrations. These projects do not come cheap — initial development costs can range from $10,000 to $50,000 or more. Moreover, there is a continual ongoing cost for maintaining and updating your app over time; meaning thousands more may be added to the final bill. 

The total cost of developing an app like Uber Eats goes beyond the expected development costs. As one can expect, marketing expenses must be accounted for to ensure the success of the app. Additionally, maintenance fees and hosting fees should not be overlooked as well, to maintain a reliable and functional product. When these costs are accumulated, they can become quite significant; making the development of an app like Uber Eats a pricey venture. 


Developing an Uber Eats like app is no small feat and requires careful planning and execution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your app is successful and stands out from the competition. Additionally, it is important to remember that your app should always be tested thoroughly prior to launch in order to identify any potential issues and ensure a positive user experience.

It’s time to get started on your Uber Eats like app that revolutionizes the on-demand food delivery industry. With careful planning, design, development, testing, and marketing strategies in place, you can ensure that your application is successful and stands out from the crowd. Good luck!

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