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Guide & Cost to Develop WhatsApp Like App

Developing a WhatsApp-like app doesn’t have to be daunting. In this guide, we will walk you through the key steps towards creating your own messaging application that provides a similar experience to WhatsApp. We’ll cover everything from understanding the basic requirements to launching your product on app stores. 

How to develop a WhatsApp like App? 

Develop WhatsApp like App

Below are the steps to follow to develop a WhatsApp-like app: 

Building an app like WhatsApp is quite a complex undertaking. You will need to consider many areas of development, such as coding language, design structure, architecture, and user experience. Then there’s the very important task of formulating necessary security protocols and creating the privacy settings that users demand. This guide is here to help you tackle every key step of this process as you build your very own enviable application. So let us escort you on your adventure – from founding the concept to delivering a finished product; after completion, none could be more satisfied than you!  

Step 1: Choose A Coding Language: 

Choosing a coding language for your app is a major decision in the development process that should not be taken lightly. You must assess what you want your messenger app to do, and whether your current development teams have mastery in certain accents or dialects. It is important to establish which language will give the best outcome in regard to the performance of the application on various devices.  

For instance, Java, Objective-C, and Swift are optimum selections when it comes to creating Apple software applications. Similarly, building apps compatible with Android platforms require reliance on Kotlin, JavaScript, and HTML5 instead. Taking thoughtful consideration before selecting an appropriate code makes it more likely for you to create an efficient product with smoother working mechanics amassing better results in end-user experiences.  

Step 2: Design The Architecture: 

The architecture of your messaging app will determine how efficient and effective it is. You should plan out the structure, from the user interface to the back-end systems that support it, to ensure all components work together seamlessly. This includes considering which databases and servers you’ll use and how they will interact with each other.  

Step 3: Develop The User Interface: 

The user interface should be intuitive and visually appealing, making navigation a breeze. To create the perfect experience for users, designers should design a wireframe or prototype of the application before development starts. Doing this ahead of time makes sure that what you end up with is exactly what you envisioned. Plus the time spent on creating these documents allows insight into how to guide the product development process and make those key changes continually during iteration stages. 

By building a wireframe or prototype prior to diving into full product development, it is easy to see what will contribute to an amazing user experience while minimizing change request iterations later that can affect development milestones and cause delays at launch time. 

Step 4: Integrate Security Protocols: 

It’s essential that you integrate security protocols into your app to ensure user data is kept safe. This includes implementing encryption for all personal information, secure login systems, and two-factor authentication for added protection. You should also ensure that your app meets all relevant data protection regulations.  

Step 5: Test the App: 

The development of your new app is almost complete, but testing is the next most important step. Make sure you spend sufficient time verifying that the application functions correctly and performs efficiently – neither user nor stability issues should be present in your finished product! Don’t forget to ensure secure communication channels between the server and workstations and enhance protection against any malicious input. Plus, you need to pay attention to the user experience – after all, no one would continue using a hard-to-understand application.  

Once you’re up to date with bug fixes and have completed different types of testing, you can proudly acknowledge that your app is now ready to go! Launch on social media platforms to capture public attention and share details with those who wish to access all the great features you created. 

Messaging apps have been rapidly increasing in popularity, leading businesses to think about introducing and launching their own app in the same style as WhatsApp. Companies cannot ignore the fact mobile phones have become essential currently, making a customer engagement tool such as this ever more desirable. An app like this provides corporations with the ability to reach out to customers at an agreeable cost rate, allowing for greater personalization and direct services. 

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Cost Of Developing A WhatsApp Like App

Cost to Develop WhatsApp Like App

We will look at the different factors that can influence the cost of developing a WhatsApp like app. We will also provide an estimated budget estimate for such an app. 

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing A WhatsApp Like App:  

Platforms Supported: 

If you’re intending to develop a WhatsApp like app, platform selection is going to be an important factor when deciding the development cost. Of course, creating versions for both Android and iOS will of course represent higher investment costs than if you decide to focus just on iOS support. Additionally, by deciding to partially support one platform can significantly help to reduce the cost of development and allow you to reap the rewards sooner. 

Complexity of Features: 

The number and complexity of features incorporated in your app can significantly influence the cost of developing a WhatsApp like app. If you plan to include complex features such as group chat, video streaming, etc., then you can expect the development cost to be higher.  

Number of Users: 

Developing a WhatsApp like app requires careful deliberation on multiple factors. The anticipated number of users supported by the application is among them. A larger user base necessitates higher investments in terms of resources and thus impacts the cost of development.   

Enterprises must devise a proper return on the capital structure by incorporating different production costs when assessing the financial constraints beforehand. It is essential to understand that effective user management through devices, networks, and cost optimization are also pivotal to curtailing application expenditure. 


The design of your mobile enterprise app is a key variable when budgeting for the app development project. Considering custom animation, graphics, and other visual features can profoundly add to potential costs. This means if you want to include integrated animations and synchronized visuals from the get-go, you need to factor that into the root estimate.   

These production costs can cause costs to rise to unpredictable heights. Expect planned resources, management expertise, and technological support to remain prominent components no matter what design roadblocks surface.  

Location of the Development Team: 

The location from where the development team is sourced can also affect the cost of developing a WhatsApp like app. If your developers are based in countries that have a high cost of living, then you can expect higher development costs. 

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Estimated Budget for Developing a WhatsApp Like App:

budget for Developing a WhatsApp Like App

Developing an app like WhatsApp takes a significant amount of funding. The total cost can vary greatly, depending on several decision points. For example, a basic implementation featuring text chat and photo sharing runs anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. However, if you desire additional complexity necessitating advanced features such as audio/video streaming or location-based services, expect to encounter an upward trend in costs. 


Creating a messaging app like WhatsApp can be difficult, yet feasible by utilizing appropriate technology and methods. The app has several layers and necessitates the use of diverse tools and technologies. Moreover, it is crucial to develop an interface that is easy to use and to carry out complete testing to ensure the app’s efficiency. 

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