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How Big Brands Uses Augmented Reality In Manufacturing?

During the last couple of years, AR quickly came into the existence as a giant technology that can solve main operational issues/errors/problems among various kinds of industries. While AR is eliminating blocks which are seen from a long period of time, it helps industries to perform the action lightly, speedily and more smooth way – whether it is a patient’s body scan in a hologram, or creating a BIM model in the manufacturing or production  industry. Even, positive impact of implementation of an Augmented Reality solutions are immediate in most cases.

Existing AR apps in designing in manufacturing and production elucidate the powerful influence of the technology neatly, from Boeing elevating their wire assembly process to Porsche ensuring the supreme level of product perfection before dispatching vehicle to the customers.

Explore how AR renovate the main stages of the production process for the world’s biggest companies below.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motors Company

Source: Ford Motors

Ford has started equipping its designers with HoloLens, the augmented reality technology Microsoft is rolling out for commercial and industrial applications. Outfitted with the holographic goggles, these Detroit denizens can stand in front of clay models of cars and see 3-D vehicle elements digitally overlaid onto them, so they can quickly evaluate and alter new car designs.

The information that is crucial to car design comes from multiple sources in Ford, and augmented reality manufacturing has also made it easier for the company to manage it on the spot.

Concurrently, one of the features is the ability to leave comments in AR, so that other team members can access them. Taken that you can operate in AR remotely (this process is called teleoperation), the solution becomes a very powerful and proficient combination.

“HoloLens gives us a simple way of understanding extremely complex information”

Elizabeth Baron — VR & Advanced Visualization Technical Specialist at Ford Motor Company

Finally, Ford also uses AR apps in their design process. For instance, AR apps can be used to access a prototype, as an auxiliary tool to a headset.


Boeing Company

Source: Boeing

Using augmented reality in production plant can help insanly the organinzations to solve the critical challenges. In Boeing’s case of bringing Google Glass to wire assembly process of their 787-8 freighter is the top highlight.

Before Augmented Reality technology, Boeing’s workors needed to regularly consult a laptop to ensure the hundreds of wire assembly steps faster and easily. They can also use voice commands easily and ask co-workors to join the headset’s video stream to assist with critical tasks.

As the result, AR reduced Boeing’s wire assembly process by 26 % and lowered errors to nearly 0 %..

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Source: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is saving $10 million a year by implementing Augmented Reality (AR) tools in the production line of its space assets. Lockheed Martin Augmented Reality to catch engineering missteps before the asset hits the production floor, saving time and money by correcting those errors sooner rather than later. It also helps accommodate for human factors

Darin Bolthouse, who heads up the company’s Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory (CHIL), mentioned that it cost just $5 million to set up the lab back in 2010, and so the company has seen a significant (and continually increasing) return on its original investment. – according to risingmedia


Porsche Company

Source: Porsche

Porsche is one of the top vehicle manufacturing companies and known for it’s cars which looks gorgeous and Porsche is well known in world automobile market. Porsche has built a huge engine manufacturing unit in Zuffenhausen, and this plant will work on V8 engine assembly that uses robots for several tasks. Porsche is also known for its engine quality so Porsche is keen on innovation to improve their vehicle quality to the next level. Porche has introduced AR in production for quality assurance in 2016 at their Leipzing plant.

Porsche using Augmented reality to test the employees ability and compare how an already assembled car matches the initial design before it is sent to the customer. These AR solutions cuts the cost and time, and allow organizations to meet the higher quality standards.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric

Source: Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric’s new technology uses a three-dimensional model that is easily built by scanning objects with a RGBD camera equipped tablet PC. Continuous operation builds the three-dimensional model and shows check procedure related to the objects. In addition, precise AR imaging is possible by calculating the position and angle using a three-dimensional model instead of two-dimensional images. Moreover, the displayed contents of the check procedure are changed according to the distance between the technician and the super-imposed item.

Mitsubishi also expects that the AR technology they are developing will be useful in other maintenance work, as well as beyond it — in water-treatment plant inspection and building electrical systems.


The quicker the big brands understand the need and importance of tech innovations, the easier it will be for them to make the digital shift.

Are you willing to use Augmented Reality In Your Production or Manufacturing line? We’re here to help you.


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