Golang technology for app development

How is Golang Technology Changing the Face of App Development?

Google’s Golang is one of the fastest programming languages that is pacing up with the technological progress of the world offering great sort of efficiency to varied businesses. Business websites/apps built using Golang technology are witnessing greater business productivity in terms of modernization and overall efficiency.

Golang technology offers a greater combination of flexibility, consistency, scalability, and concurrency. What’s more? It is a fast way to develop, learn, and run.

This blog enlists the advantages of Golang, the application of this technology in multiple sectors, and the future of Golang app development.

Why Top Companies are Using Golang

Top companies like Google, Uber, Dailymotion, PayPal, Dropbox, etc., are using Go for their business websites. Wondering why?

The technology offers API bridging that enables legacy workloads to run on cloud services. This feature of Golang brings higher efficiency & productivity for businesses. Industries looking to leverage this special cloud offering will automatically shift to cloud-native application development. This is why Golang is an ideal choice among many sectors.

Advantages of Building Your Business App Using Golang

Golang app development is the ideal choice for top companies as it brings advantages like:

  • Very Fast

Go is compiled to machine code is very fast & reliable. The technology is known to compile projects away faster and can even be applied for editing directly on the web.

  • Backed by Google

Go language has the support of the world’s giant network- Google, hence gains reliability and trust by millions of businesses.

  • Facilitates Real-time development

Go undergoes real-time development, hence best for building current offering solutions like e-commerce, chatting, online gaming, and more.

  • Offers Microservices

Go-kit offers specialized support, like infrastructure integration and system observability that is suited to writing microservices.

  • Multi-core Processing

Golang leverages parallelism and concurrency rendered by the latest hardware. This concurrency makes it extremely easy to use all the available CPU cores besides handling concurrent IO without complicating development.

  • Cloud infrastructure

Golang provides on-demand access to shared computer processing and processes your data on a privately-owned cloud or a third-party server. Google Cloud and the Docker platform are fair examples of this. 

  • Ideal to Build SPAs

With its vast features, Golang is highly recommended for building SPAs (single-page applications).

  • Build For Large Projects

Go code is simple, straightforward & readable. This boosts teams to collaborate in brand new ways.

  • Easy Learning Curve

Go is known for its cleaner syntax, hence considered easy to learn. Developers can easily document their code and generate human-readable data.

  • Has Extensive Library

Go is equipped with extensive C libraries & a comprehensive standard library that offers a range of inbuilt functions for working with primitive types. 

  • Considered Most Secure

Go is a statically-typed language that makes it more secure.

Application of Golang in Major Sectors

Application of Golang in Major Sectors

Golang in eCommerce (Alibaba)

GoLang is known for real-time development and eCommerce is a perfect example of this where the transfer of goods/services, data, and funds takes place in real-time via electronic data. 

Real-time sectors of eCommerce face challenges in terms of scalability, page loading times, and website availability. Using Golang can eliminate these problems.

The eCommerce site Alibaba is one of the best eCommerce projects built using Go.

Golang in Online Booking Systems (Uber)

The online booking system is one of the key components of hospitality & travel businesses. Most travel businesses are relying on Golang for their online booking system. The system allows ordering and paying right through the Internet via mobile applications. Go also facilitates these systems to integrate with other systems offering a seamless experience to customers.

Uber is one of the major online cab booking partners that is now using Golang. The company has written more than 100 of its services in Golang.

Golang in Fintech (Capital One)

Companies, business owners, and consumers use fintech to manage their financial processes & operations by using a unique algorithm and software implemented on smartphones and computers.

Golang performs extraordinarily in the Fintech industry. Websites & apps built using Go accesses financial data and manage transactions incredibly.

One of the best examples of Go projects in the Fintech industry is Capital One. The company uses Golang in one of its services- Credit Offers API. The feature enables users to affiliate partners with CreditCards.com, Credit Sesame, and Bankrate showcase, and more available credit card options.

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Golang in Payments Processing Systems (PayPal)

The Payment Processing system enables businesses to complete their debit and credit card transactions. The payment gateways are required to transmit financial data safely from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account. Thus, a need for a safe & secure system is a major concern for these apps.

Golang’s use in Payment processing offers not only seamless transactions but ensures fool-proof security. It runs an anti-fraud mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the transactions.

A fair example of the use of Golang in such an industry is PayPal. PayPal is the top payment processor for many online vendors and commercial users around the globe.

The company website is built using Golang technology. Golang delivers automatic recovery and stability to Paypal systems as well as delivers the lowest possible latency to facilitate smooth transactions.

Golang in Cyber Security

Cyber security is all about safeguarding servers, networks, computers, electronic systems, data, and mobile devices from harmful and malicious attacks. 

Privacy and security is the main concern for many businesses today.  Golang being a static language is considered a perfect fit for the industry. The technology is highly preferred for industries using cloud and server environments. 

Golang is the preferred tech stack for 1Password that ensures security & privacy for businesses. It gives users complete control over sensitive and confidential business information along with protected passwords.

Many companies are using Golang as a backend tech stack. This allows the admin account to manage the recovery and security of the entire company.

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Conclusion- Are you Future-Ready?

Undoubtedly, Golang has a bright future in the long run. Considering the rising usage of IoT data, cloud solutions, 5G, etc, Golang can be used as a promising language that can reduce the market time and operating costs for businesses while enhancing their security. 

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