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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Augmented Reality App?

Augmented Reality app development seems like magic. Like what you see on your mobile screen can be generated in real around you, but it isn’t real. This technology is here to kill the mundane routines of humans while they are shopping online, playing games on their mobile phones or making office presentations.

AR makes it all live. It makes you try on your favorite denims from your favorite eCommerce store in real; through your phone, you can see a real Pokémon jumping around your table and inside your home while you’re playing Pokémon Go. This is truly magical. And this magic is enchanting more and more users across the globe, which is why businesses and enterprises are gravitating towards including Augmented Reality in their ways of selling products and services.

Why Augmented Reality?
A recent news read that MasterCard eyes the future of retail in Augmented Reality. Similarly, the European multinational Airbus recently launched augmented reality ACH (Airbus Corporate Helicopters) Yacht Interface app, allowing owners and designers to fully visualize Airbus’ range of helicopters on board their yacht during planning stage.

Considering this billion-dollar craze of multinationals and startups for AR, we, at Konstant, are also geared up to develop the most amazing AR apps for your business. There’s a lot to the AR app development that the top mobile app development companies and top mobile app developers India are innovating. If you look around and search for a sincere AR app development partner, you may realize that the companies are countless. But, in reality, there are only few that can overlay the digital data right atop the real-world objects.

How to Proceed with AR app development?
One thing that is the major deciding factor while choosing an app development company is the cost of development. You can neither trust a high-end, overly expensive app developers nor any mediocre app development company just because they offer you the minimum cost estimates. Both are equally painful. It is highly essential to make a credible and realistic decision of partnering with a development partner that cater to all your business needs along with delivering a superbly intuitive AR app. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

To help you around, we’re sharing some trending insights you must gain before getting an AR app developed. This will save you from getting screwed. So, let’s start with the different types of AR apps that are commonly built:

Marker-based Augmented Reality

Also known as Image Recognition, this kind of AR app uses the device’s camera and some kind of marker like simple QR codes, images, movie posters, icons. The app works only when the marker is sensed by the reader. They are easy-to-integrate and develop. SDK’s including Kudan, Vuforia, Wikitude are used to create AR models. Some real-time examples of this category are Inkhunter, Quiver.

Markerless/ Location-based AR

Pokémon Go is the best example here. Using the location services, GPS data from the device, the app augmented reality around a user by placing virtually appealing models, media and text in the real world. The app also uses device’s compass and Wi-Fi. For the app to function well, the user should be in the right location and have a good internet connection.

Projection-based AR

By projecting artificial light on the real-world surfaces, AR apps are formed. The projection of this light then interacts with the human touch and thus, distinct impressions of a known and an altered projection are formed. It enhances 3-d objects and spaces in the real-world, either manually or using automatic techniques. We have a lot of projection-based AR incorporated in Disney Theme Parks.

Outlining AR

There are apps to guide your eyes when they can’t really see minute things in the dark or infrared light. Using special cameras, AR apps perform outlining. For instance, there is this AR parking app that helps you park your car in the dark by recognizing the boundaries of the road and highlighting them for you.

Superimposition AR

Superimposition-based AR replaces the entire object or a part of it with an augmented view. These type of AR apps are very useful in the medical industry as they superimpose an X-ray view of a broken leg of the patient on his/her leg’s real image, thereby providing a clear understanding of the damage.

As these types of augmented reality are becoming an essential part of the workplaces, hospitals, mobile gaming, you need to know the real cost of developing such an app.

Key features of an AR app
Moving further, for your basic understanding, we want to educate you on the key features that a standard AR app is expected to include. This will help you identify if your mobile app development company is developing the right way.

– User engagement features including social sharing, push notification
– Log-in/Sign up
– Payment gateway integration
– Sync across devices including desktop, mobile, tablet
– Device hardware usage
– CMS tools
– Analytics tools
– Multi-language support
– Chat support
– Third-party API integration

And the list can go long. An app can be customized to your needs, budget and timelines. You have the liberty to add or remove the features. Clearly, the cost of development depends on the features that are added to the app- basic or advanced, which ultimately boils down to the number of hours devoted in developing the final app as and how you want it. The So, the estimates are based on both time and the features. The more advanced tools you use, the more expensive it gets.

But yes, the overall cost of an AR app is not comparable to any other on-demand or gaming app. You will discover that the basic version of an AR app is relatively costlier than other simple apps.

If we calculate the average cost of AR app development by mobile app developers India, it will range between $35k-$60k.

Create your AR app with us
One thing that comes for free with our app development is the estimation. We don’t charge you anything in the name of estimation costs. This may take 3-5 days but there are no costs attached to it. Our team has the right expertise of the popular SDKs used to build the AR apps. Also, we have dedicated Android and iOS app developers, who you can hire either on full-time basis or hourly.

If you are ready to cut loose, we’re ready to grab this project and do sound design and coding to make your app a success.


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