Indias first Earthquake Notifying Mobile Application Launched

India’s first Earthquake Notifying Mobile App Launched

The Uttarakhand government has recently launched an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Mobile App named ‘Uttarakhand Bhookamp Alert.’ The app is known to be the country’s first one of its own kind of app that will notify people about earthquake alerts. 

Developed by IIT-Roorkee software professionals, this is the only app in the world to record the location of the people who are unfortunately stuck somewhere during the earthquake.

During the launch of the EEW mobile app, Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “The application will prove useful in saving many lives. People must be made aware of this app through various awareness campaigns. I applaud our scientists from the IIT-Roorkee who through their innovative thinking are contributing to the welfare of the society.”

About the Earthquake Alert App

The Earthquake Early Warnqsing App is a real-time earthquake information system that can detect the onset of the earthquake and issue warnings before the significant tremors take hold of the state. 

The application is available in two versions, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Being sponsored by Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority (USDMA), the project would prove beneficial to the people of Uttarakhand region- which is the most seismically active and prone to earthquakes.

Working Mechanism of EEW App

Generally, a natural calamity like Earthquake is detected with the speed of the seismic waves, which propagate after the release of stress from faults movement. 

These strong ground shaking movements are caused by shear waves which travel at about half the speed of the primary waves and much slower than electromagnetic signals. The EEW system works over this mechanism of waves.

Professor Ajit K Chaturvedi, director of the IIT-R said, “I take immense pride in sharing that IITR has designed an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) mobile app, for timely dissemination of the information regarding an earthquake occurrence in the neighbourhood and the expected time of arrival and intensity at the location to prevent any loss of life. The project had been specifically launched in tie-up with the Uttarakhand Government as the region is prone to seismic activities. As part of the project, sensors had been installed in the high terrains of the Garhwal and Kumaun regions of the state. 

The system works where high-speed telecommunication is used for data streaming, while high-performance computers quickly compute scenario projections. The central server processes the retrieved data continuously on a 24 × 7 basis. The server issues the warning to the public as soon as it detects that an earthquake of magnitude greater than 5 has occurred in those areas where sensors are installed. Warning time varies with the distance of a location from the epicenter of the earthquake.

Features/USP of the App

The app is one of its own kind and is the only app in the world to record the location of the people who are unfortunately stuck somewhere during the earthquake and send this information to the Disaster Response Force. 

The information is sent out to the users through the app, advising them to evacuate and relocate before the damaging earthquake waves approach their dwellings through the app. 

Users need to install the app with the necessary information. The app contains informative videos to guide the user to follow the steps during the earthquakes to save themselves,  gives an early warning of damaging earthquakes of magnitude greater than 5 originating in Uttarakhand only, sends the current location in the SOS message, which requires location permission to be granted. 

The warning would be issued to the public when the server estimates that the impending earthquake is damaging, while only notification would be issued for non-damaging earthquakes.

Note: This article was previously published on Indian News Express.

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