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Is React Native App Development Services Really Cost-effective?

React Native is a next-generation framework that enables businesses to build cross-platform mobile apps across both iOS and Android platforms. Businesses are increasingly making a switch to this framework because a single app can be developed that can work perfectly across multiple platforms. Besides, you don’t have to invest capital on building applications for different platforms.

However, there is a lot of misinterpretation around this framework and the first thing you should know — it’s not an ideal option for all types of apps. Let’s dive into the subject and comprehend the strong points of react native app development services and it is worth investing your capital.

The Growing Significance of React Native

React Native was engineered in 2015 by Facebook and ever since that time the curiosity in this framework was swiftly burgeoning. And it’s no longer a surprise for anyone because when businesses think about developing an application they instantly wind up choosing React Native because of its action-packed features.

As per Google trends, over the past 12 months, the usage of the React Native framework in the United States market has increased exponentially.

React Native - Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

React Native vs Xamarin vs Phone Gap - Compare

Source: Google Trends

As per the above graph, over the past 12 months, businesses across different industry verticals in the United States market are choosing to React app development services in comparison to other frameworks and technologies available in the market.

Some of the benefits of React Native:

• Faster app development

With React Native, around 95% of the written code can be shared across multiple platforms which clearly mean you can considerably reduce time-to-market without even compromising on the quality of the written code.

 • Improved mobile performance

The React Native architecture is very well tweaked to mobile devices. It makes use of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), despite the fact that the native platforms are basically ‘CPU (Central Processing Unit) based. In contrast to the hybrid technology – which used to be the only option for cross-platform app development a long time ago – React Native is lightning fast.

 • Compatibility with 3rd Party Plugins and Less Memory Usage

With the use of the 3rd party plugins, the requirement of explicit WebView functions is no longer obligatory. You can connect the plugin with a native component through the framework. These methods can be connected with app attributes for seamless performance, faster loading, and less memory consumption.

 • Transform Any Web Project into a Mobile Project Easily

With React Native, a code can be reused. You just have to carry out a single update for two different platforms. It makes it easier to identify bugs between codebases. React Native interface is highly scalable and intuitive, which means that developers who aren’t involved in a project can work on the same by taking it as a foundation. It is possible to accelerate the speed of the development process in a matter of a couple of hours going through the programming logic and writing pertinent test settings. This will enable you to save time for converting the web project into a mobile one.

When to use React Native App Development Services?

In an interim game app

The React Native framework gained new heights of popularity. Thanks to the blazing fast development speed and code sharing for both Android and iOS platforms. There are many organizations that have leveraged the benefits of this framework for the development of small apps, for instance, the ones which are created for advertising campaigns. The best thing is that no intricate coding or features need to be executed and the app will be live quickly.

Convert a website into an app

React Native makes use of the JavaScript and most of the websites are even developed with the application of the same programming language. This is the reason why, if you want to develop a simple application that will display the content from your website (like blog or figures), making use of the react native app development services is the best option.

Wrapping up

So, are react native app development services really worth the hype? Well, it completely depends on the type and size of the application that you are planning to develop. If you are thinking about leveraging the benefits of this powerful app development tool, feel free to consult React Native App Development Company.

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