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Top 20 Mobile App Ideas Have Proven to Boost Your Business

Mobiles have become an inevitable part of our lives. Today, there is a mobile app for almost everything- from booking cabs, food delivery, and movie tickets, to meditation, exercise, and dating.

Thus, it can be concluded that mobile app development ideas are a necessity to run a successful business based across any domain. Estimate says- among 2.2 million & 2.8 million apps placed on App Store and Google Play respectively, only a few are able to hit the sky.

Most of the apps fail just after 1 month of their launch. The reason is obvious- lack of uniqueness and idea. There are thousands of apps that lack originality and are based on the same idea. For a successful mobile app, you should keep the uniqueness intact within the app and for this, you need a fresh app idea.

For a clear concept, there is a high chance of your app reaching the top of the ladder. In this article, These ideas will help you to formulate the best proposal for your business adding more value to it.

Checkout incredible ideas for a mobile app for different kinds of business:

1. Chatbots

“Hello” “Hello, Sir. How can I help you right now?” “I am looking for Passenger Flights, Las Vegas to Los Angeles” “Click on search and type Las Vegas to Los Angeles. You will come to know available flights to Los Angeles .” “Ok, Thank you so much”

As you can see communication with a chatbot, is not human talking to a customer of a travel company.  So chatbot app helps the customer’s query like a human talking.

A chatbot is an AI-based tool that customer service. Here you can get more information from chatbot development companies that create exceptional chatbots for different kinds of industries.

2. Taxi Booking like Uber

You can develop a taxi dispatch app that manages all fleet operations like dispatch, driver management, customer management, incentives, payment settlement, multiple modes of payments for customers, real-time tracking of the driver, GPS-enabled navigation, and many more.

taxi booking

Today, there are many taxi app development like Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc that are revolutionizing commuting and are already a great hit among the users. These apps allow you easily book a cab from your phone thus saving time and money. On-demand services like taxi booking are thus lucrative on demand mobile apps ideas for business. You can add more features to this idea including:

  • Integrating passenger safety features to make your app marketable.
  • Features like cab price comparison and passenger safety features can be added for more benefits.

3. Restaurant Management

Digitalization has vastly affected the way restaurants work & deliver. Building a restaurant mobile app can assist the management to track all its operations from reservations, table booking to order placed, billing, and many others. restaurant management  The idea of a robust restro management app can get you a competitive advantage over others. It also helps in attracting new customers with promos, offers, discounts, and reward points.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare being the most important industry is in need of a systematic approach to managing all its functions seamlessly. In the coming years, we are going to witness a big healthcare app development technology revolution affecting the traditional working process of hospitals & healthcare facilities. healthcare application What if you can convert this idea into developing a stunning app? A versatile medical app can perform a plethora of functions. Build an app that can manage all the medical procedures and tasks of a user in a systematic manner.

Include features like medical history, medication, symptoms, appointments, immunizations, allergies, and medical records. For an out-of-the-box idea, include features that help users to keep a check on various health parameters like BMI, blood pressure, Pulse, and many more. 

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5. Disaster Alert

Safety or Disaster management apps play a significant role during the time of a disaster like natural or man-made calamity. A safety app can also be used to track kids, provide immediate assistance to women, and alert their friends and relatives in case of a miss-happening or emergency.

disaster management

Disasters like earthquakes, floods, or fires are non-preventable. However, with the help of smart technologies, we can predict its priory and reduce the destruction it will cause. A disaster app will alert the system thus saving the lives of common people. Isn’t it a noble idea to build a mobile app that deals with disaster management? 

6. IoT Security

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get quick success for your startup business then IoT apps must be top of your list.

IoT security

IoT has emerged as cutting-edge technology in the past few years. The technology interacts with users making the lives of common people more convenient and comfortable. IoT offers countless mobile application ideas.

You can put your feet in offering IoT-related services like smart home & office, smart energy monitoring, smart fleet monitoring, and smart asset monitoring. IoT security system controls all the security systems of common users, shop owners via wi-fi.

Security systems like smart doors, Digi-lockers, and video surveillance allows the user to monitor camera footage and sense unauthorized access or suspicious activity straight from your mobile app.

Similarly, IoT-enabled smoke alarms can help users track the exact location of the fire. An IoT app also sends you an alert to your phone to make you aware of a possibly hazardous situation.

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7. Blockchain

Blockchain technology has caught the attraction of many people after the success of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The blockchain has the capability to disrupt almost all the major industries from Finance to Healthcare. 

block chain

Thus, we can conclude that Blockchain is the best mobile app idea start-ups or SMEs can think of. Be it building a Blockchain tax and invoicing app that efficiently calculates the number of taxes users need to pay or an app that can generate invoices to manage and solve your business hassles. Other Blockchain app ideas include a mobile app for storing the digital identity of users, a notary app, a Blockchain app to track food supply management, etc.

8. Grocery

Shopping apps are the hottest trend prevailing in the market today. We all go out for buying groceries at least once every month. During this time it is always easy to forget some of the products you may want to purchase. Having a grocery app is one of the great mobile app ideas to streamline the shopping experience, help users add products to their cart throughout the month, and schedule it for a set date.


Since there are so many grocery apps that have already made their way into the market, to stand out, you need to offer some ‘out-of-the-box features that will urge your customer to choose you. Here’s what you can offer:

  • Comparison of prices between different stores
  • Cashback on purchases
  • Discounts and offers on items
  • No cancellation fees 
  • No minimum order
  • Free-Delivery etc

9. Medicine Delivery

The medical field has witnessed a considerable jump in the number of apps. Right from looking out for local pharmacies to checking out their medical bills, many mobile apps offer all medicine-related mobile services. Some of the top medical apps available in the app store market include MedPlus Mart, Pharmacy app, 1MG app, Medical News & Journals, and more.

medicine delivery

To stand out among others, you can include the following features into your medicine delivery app:

  • Listing of pharmacies nearby the user’s location.
  • List of the top doctors in the respective fields.
  • The facility of uploading prescriptions online.
  • Customer medical summary.
  • Medical terms list & meanings.
  • Record of all the possible diseases and their symptoms.

10. E-learning

Student Assistance

Student assistance or an E-learning app can include as many features as student-teacher communication, online streaming of educational videos, syllabus material, etc. Some examples of top app ideas include:

  • School/College Project App: The idea behind this type of app is to enable students to look out for other members to complete a team project and other academic projects.
  • Book stationery app: To help students find the nearest stationery shop, compare the prices of books & other stationery items, and buy the required stationery at the best deal & discounts.
  • E-learning App: These apps enable students to get help from experts, buy course material online, and live to stream the video tutorials by subject experts.

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11. Food Delivery

food delivery

Food delivery apps are marking a great hit these days. Today, most people because of their hectic schedules seek to get their food delivered directly at the office or home.

Thus, creating a food delivery app is an excellent idea for startups. To make your food delivery app idea different than most others already in the market, you can integrate features like-

  • Allowing the user to order the food scheduled for later in the day
  • The facility of Recurring orders if the user wants to get the daily delivery, particularly for the office lunch.
  • Allowing users to choose all the ingredients he wants to include in their ordered dish and informing the restaurant accordingly.
  • Cheap & quick food alternatives to the user’s location

12. Maps and Navigation

maps and navigation

Visiting a new mall or a big hospital and you are not aware of where to head? A Navigation app guides you through the inside premises so that you can head to the exact location. Google Maps is a great navigation tool that is not just limited to maps; but also informs users about nearby places like ATMs, fuel stations, restaurants, and more.

Businesses can develop an app that provides navigation facilities to users visiting various stores or hospitals. For a different idea, consider these:

  • In-premises app to guide the user in a particular direction or section or shop inside a mall.
  • Speed Tracking App to put a limit on a particular speed digit.
  • Parking Business App to find parking in a jam-packed location.
  • Vehicle Live Report to track the vehicle’s health at regular intervals so as to avoid any mishappening.

13. Language Learning

language learning

Today, most people seek to get proficient in various new languages. You may also find it as a subject in most of the schools where students learn widely spoken languages like French, American English, etc.

Learning a new language via a mobile app will help people acquire an understanding of a foreign language in the comfort of their homes. Some innovative ideas you may involve include:

  • Using particular words of the language users seeking to learn.
  • The app should aid in the clear pronunciation of words.
  • The app should suggest the commonly used words in that language and their meaning.
  • The app should be developed in a way that will make the learning process exciting and easy.

14. Social Networking

All businesses require an online presence to increase popularity, credibility and to improve their market presence. Thus, a social connect app is a great idea for startups that allows business to manage their social media platforms from one single main location. 

social networking

A social media networking app will cater to the needs of your audiences from Facebook and Instagram while taking care of business networks from LinkedIn. A single-point app will allow the user to connect on all sorts of platforms easily. This will help any startup, especially when the company is more inclined towards customer interaction.

15. Traveling

travel Making a travel mobile can be a good idea to speed up your startup this year. Your app should list the famous destinations with the best restaurants, and hotels as well as exciting things to do in that destination. For a different idea, include features like estimated travel expenses for a particular destination, price comparison of some destinations offered by other travel apps, etc.

16. Mobile Wallet

Cashless transactions are a demand of the hour. People are migrating from cash payments to card, net banking, and digital wallet payments.

mobile wallet

17. Calendar Scheduler

If you want to get a meeting with your clients then this app can help you a lot because with the help of this calendar scheduler app you can schedule your time and date.

18. Quick Invitation

If you want an organized instantly party then maybe you get worried about the invitation to your friends but using this app idea you can send bulk invitations to your friends in a normal text message.

19. Health Inspector

If you make a health inspector app then you would not have to go to the doctor regularly if you remember the appointment. The health inspector can help you to notify you if you need a health check-up. It will also notify you if your appointment with the doctor was approved or not.

20. Mall Navigation Map

It is particularly helpful for larger malls because a mall navigation map can help the user to find the exact stores easily.


The feature has boomed over the years with the increase in smartphone usage. These wallets offer added benefits for both user and the merchant, such as fund transfers, seamless integration customization, and effortless customer onboarding. Looking at the vast popularity of mobile app wallets, we can take it as a smarter move to skyrocket your business.

Eventually, you can stand out from others by integrating more features like bill payment, split payment, cash in-cash out, loyalty and rewards, mobile money, etc. Conclusion So, from the above-listed unique mobile app business ideas, you can decide which one better fits you and how you can start to offer your customers a unique shot of something worth it.

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