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Top 12 Features and Updates of Newly Released Angular 10

Angular 10 has been launched recently with the beta version. The version focuses more on the quality tools and ecosystem. So, what does this all new Angular version 10 have for a web app developer? Let’s take a look below. 

Latest Updates of Newly Launched Angular 10 Version

 Let’s take a deeper look at the top 12 offerings of the latest released Angular 10.

  1. Faster App Loads with Warnings on CommonJS Imports

The earlier version of Angular had an issue of slower loading apps. This was due to its dependency with CommonJS which was leading to slower functionality of the larger apps. However, the new version of Angular 10 offers warnings to developers regarding using dependencies packed with CommonJS. These warnings would let your dependency know to prefer an ECMAScript module (ESM) bundle. 

  1. Strict Settings for Project Setup that Maintains & Detect Bugs Earlier

While creating a new workspace with ng new, this new Version 10 offers a stricter project setup. Allowing this will improve overall maintainability, detect bugs ahead of time, and allow the CLI to perform advanced optimizations on your app.

  1. Increased Investment for Larger Global Community

The organization has further announced an increased investment in working with the community. The management quoted- “In the last three weeks our open issue count has decreased by over 700 issues across framework, tooling, and components. We’ve touched over 2,000 issues, and we plan to make large investments over the next few months, working with the community to do even more.”

  1. Boost in ngcc Performance

A performance boost can be observed with this new version. Version 10 features on reducing the size of the entry point. As compared to the previous feature where ngcc (Angular Ivy compatibility compiler) parses the files of the entry point to compute dependencies, this version has improvised the functionality by featuring TargetedEntryPointFinder. Now, the caching of dependencies is executed within the entry point manifest and is read directly from there rather than being computed each time. This reduces the time for large_node modules enhancing the performance of your web app.

  1. Warnings to be logged in as errors

With the newly launched Angular 10 version, all the warnings will be now logged in as errors. This feature games up the tools that expect nothing to be logged via console.error . For the developer using View Engine, no build error will be issued.

  1. Saves Download & Install Time by Removing Unwanted Formats

The Angular 10 is a lighter version letting you save approx 119MB of download and install time when running yarn or npm install for Angular packages and libraries. The team has removed many unwanted package formats. For example- ESM5 or FESM5 bundles are no longer needed and have been taken out from the package.

Moreover, some old browsers like Internet Explorer Mobile, Internet Explorer 9, 10 have also been taken out with prior consultation from the Angular community.

  1. An Updated Compiler

A compiler interface has got a space in the most recent Angular 10. The compiler covers the actual ngtsc compiler & enables multiple typecheck files by using the project interface which creates ScriptInfos as necessary.

  1. Updated Typescript for Improved Experience

While the previous version supported typescript 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8, this version features the all new typescript 3.9. The updated Typescript helps the team in working on stability, polish and performance. It facilitates error-checking, enhances editing experience, accelerating the compiler, rapid fixes, and completions.

  1. Generic Made Compulsory with Module

The Angular 10 version has made utilization of generic keywords compulsory with the ModuleWithProviders. ModuleWithProviders patterns now function with the rendering sequence and Ivy compiler. While the earlier versions of Angular were able to compile static method returns with ModuleWithProviders type without the generic type, this version checks the generic type for type validation via Ivy. 

  1. Rapid Bug Fixes

Angular 10 allows rapid bug fixes including the removal of the unaddressed examples of the range in the compiler and the errors of migration when a nonexistent symbol is imported. Another bug-the Terser Inlining has also been fixed in Angular 10.

  1. Developers can Merge Many Files on One Go

The Angular 10 allows developers to merge many files in just one go. Moreover, this file transaction will be made through messaging functions.

  1. Other ‘Not to be Missed’ Features
  • Async locking timeout’s configuration is still probable. This includes assistance in the ngcc.config.js file, adjusting the retry delays and retry attempts in the AsyncLocker.
  • With many others being discussed above, ng-content selectors, and Angular language service have also been added to the metadata.
  • Complicated functions like ‘Promise.all’ and ‘Promise.race’ in earlier versions are fixed.
  • Auto completion has also been removed from HTML entities, such as &, <, etc., so as to safeguard the inhouse core functionality of Angular LS.
  • Angular version 10 now includes a new date range picker.
  • The new version also introduced ‘Resolver Returns Empty’ feature to help leave navigation. 

Looking to Update this New Version of Angular?

To update this new version of Angular 10, Angular Developers can visit and get detailed information and guidance to proceed with the download. 


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