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Software Testing

10 Feb 2021

Top 10 Software Testing Trends to Watch out in 2023

Testing is a crucial part of every software development life cycle. It has become an early activity nowadays. Businesses across the globe aspire to get their applications quicker to the market that too at an optimized app development cost. Organizations

Mobile Application Development

02 Feb 2021

Top 10 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

As per the stats, currently there are over 4.27 million applications on App Store and Google Play Store combined. It is indicated that this number would only grow further in future.  Not all the apps get the desired success among the users. Ever wondered

Web Development

29 Jan 2021

Top 5 Frameworks for building PWAs-Progressive Web Apps [2021]

PWAs are garnering so much love among businesses, developers, and mobile users around the world.  PWA solutions are still new yet an excellent choice to build most sophisticated apps solving today’s user challenges. In Russell’s words, Progressive Web



6 Most Important Factors for a Successful Mobile App!

Every precaution that you take in the development process will help you to be effective in building products that will help you grow and reach your goals. Consider these 6 factors before heading for mobile app development.


18 Jan 2021

Node.js, React and .NET Core Ranks High among Most Web Development Frameworks- New Developers Survey

According to the new developers survey by CodinGame, an online platform for developers, Node.js, React and .NET Core framework has been placed high among other web development frameworks. The survey asked about frameworks in terms of popularity and those that


17 Dec 2020

Leverage the Power of Internet of Things (IoT) in your Next Business Mobile App

The Internet of Things is one of the trending technologies that have rapidly found relevance in various sectors from healthcare to retail to creating smart homes. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of digital devices that utilizes software, sensors and

React Native

14 Dec 2020

React Native Becomes the Fastest-Emerging IT Skill: Naukri Pulse IT Report

The pandemic has pushed all of us to adopt a digital way of life from ordering online groceries to working remotely from home. Almost every industry has undergone digital transformation to ensure its survival at this crisis. This has led to the increased


07 Dec 2020

JavaScript Still Being #1 in Modern App Development –Top Reasons

JavaScript is consistently among the top programming languages and is still resting on the number one position. As per the report by GitHub’s State of the Octoverse, “JavaScript has consistently been the most popular programming language based on


03 Dec 2020

Microsoft’s ‘Project Latte’ to Bring Android App Support to Windows 10

Microsoft has recently announced the launch of its ‘Project Latte’ that aims to support & bring Android apps to Windows 10 platform. This support could soon be coming to Windows 10 by way of a special software-based solution known as

Mobile Application Development

27 Nov 2020

How Much Does it Cost for a Feature-Rich Real Estate App Development?

Digitalization has disrupted almost every industry and Real Estate is not an exception. Do you know that every 1 in 4 people uses a real estate mobile app to find, buy, and sell properties online?  Homebuyers are seen preferring mobile apps to check out


18 Nov 2020

Determining the Chatbot Application Development Cost

Chatbot technology is one of the revolutionizing technologies of this era that has disrupted the way businesses communicate with their customers. Statistics reveal that the businesses that are witnessing the highest demand for chatbot-based solutions are



10 Nov 2020

Why HIPAA Compliant App Development is Necessary? Here’s the Process to Develop One

The healthcare industry is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, phishing & data misuse. The increasing incidents of hacking & botched health record disposals are a serious concern that needed high attention.  According to Becker’s Hospital

healthcare industry


06 Nov 2020

Blockchain Technology for Better Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Digital transformation in healthcare, such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI) integrated medical devices, and Blockchain EHR systems etc, are positively impacting the healthcare industry.  As per the data revealed by Grand View Research, “the

Business & Industrial

29 Oct 2020

Shift Your Retail Business Online- Retail App Development Trends Post COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives completely. From following an absolutely new social norm to adapting ourselves to the major shift in general shopping patterns, we are now witnessing a new world focusing on contactless methods of communication.

Cross Platform App Development

Healthcare Apps

23 Oct 2020

Choosing the Best Cross-Platform Framework for Healthcare App Development

In recent years, more and more big companies have been leaning towards cross-platform solutions for their business. They do so for simply two reasons- cross-platform app development is an economical alternative to mobile app development plus it offers many

On-Demand Apps

sports app development

13 Oct 2020

Is it Worth to Build Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

With the growing fan base of cricket, football, rugby, basketball, and other games & sport tournaments around the world,  Sports Industry has undoubtedly become a billion-dollar industry of this era. Considering this immense popularity, startups seeking

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