Mistakes to avoid when devlop a mobile app

Top 10 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

As per the stats, currently there are over 4.27 million applications on App Store and Google Play Store combined. It is indicated that this number would only grow further in future. 

Not all the apps get the desired success among the users. Ever wondered why some apps fail to appeal to audiences?

Your business mobile app may fail for a variety of reasons. While some apps are just perfect in terms of functionalities and features, others are trapped by common mistakes. 

Ensuring the success of your mobile app in this highly competitive market is quite challenging.  As audiences are becoming more and more mobile each day, every business seeks to develop mobile-first strategies that cater to their customer’s needs.

If you are seeking to develop a mobile application for your dream business, there are certain things that you should strictly avoid. In this article, we are listing down the common mobile app development mistakes that become the common cause for the app’s failure.  Avoid these mistakes in your future projects and grow your business like never before.

Top 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development 2021

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development

    1. Is Your App Able to Make a Great First Impression?

Attracting new visitors to your app each day is the most daunting task. Each user has a different set of expectations associated with the brand.

As we say, the first impression is the last impression– the first interaction of an app with the visitor is the most important stage that should be taken utmost care of. Here are some mistakes you must avoid-

  • Your app should welcome a visitor in an appealing way.
  • Your app must reach the preferences of every single user.
  • A poor homepage screen increases your chance of missing early visitors. Avoid this.
  • Don’t force users to fill long registration forms. Don’t put these forms popping in the beginning blocking the relevant content. There is a high chance of users abandoning your app.
  • Get sign in / sign up procedure in place asking for just name and email address.
  • Integrate social media login so that users can login directly through their social media profiles.
    2. Are you developing app for too many platforms?

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses commit is going after all the platforms at once. It is certainly good to make your presence on every platform yet it’s not a wise decision when it comes to development efforts and cost. Here are few tips to consider-

  • Considering pros & cons of each platform- Android, iOS & Windows, identify which platform you want to go for initially.
  • You must also consider the target audience while choosing the platform. At present, Android has the most number of apps followed by iOS. 
  • Study & make a list of all the other factors properly to find out which platform suits your app the best.

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    3. Don’t Let Visitors Confused by Random Appearing Screens

It is essential to show your users an organized path to follow & get relevant information about what they are looking for. Don’t let random screens appear all of a sudden in between. This will not just confuse users but also let them abandon the app.

    4. Don’t Overburden Your App with Too Many Features

This is a common mistake followed by most of the businesses. Successful apps tend to have fewer features. Don’t let your app consist of too many features. This may confuse your mobile app users and increases the chance of uninstalling the app.

To eliminate this risk, you must identify the main features that make your app stand out. Don’t let your app be overburdened with useless features. Concentrating on few and getting expertise on those will uplift your app drastically.

    5. Are you releasing the updates on time?

Developers must consider that a mobile application development is a continuous process. After you develop an app, maintaining and updating it is a work in progress. They must ensure that they are assessing the app’s performances and making necessary changes to it.

To make your app free of all the errors it’s important to release updates frequently on time.

    6. Your App user experience is bad or poor

Audiences want a satisfactory experience with the app they are using. Many apps frustrate users by displaying intrusive ads, and unnecessary features like asking user permission for things repeatedly. These features do nothing but bloat the application. All of this can make users frustrated and increase the chances of app failure. 

To ensure that your app succeeds, you need to think like a user and work accordingly to enhance user experience.

    7. Is there a proper marketing of your app?

Generally, the developer’s role is not limited to building an app but also to do proper marketing of the developed app. How you do it is a question of concern.

There are many ways to promote your apps. You may promote your business app through niche blogs/articles, social media, PR agencies or featuring your app on highly ranked and popular websites which cater to your target audience.

    8. Is your app getting sufficient testing?

Testing your app on regular intervals, on different platforms, devices, and versions before releasing is necessary. Inability to test the application multiple times before its release can lead to its failure. 

Testing your app on different levels will help you gauge the issues timely. Make sure your app is used by real users before release. This will get you real and honest feedback about all the aspects of the app, such as functionality, ease, and design. Rearrange elements, add or eliminate features or make necessary changes as required after you have done user testing and received the feedback. 

    9. Don’t make mobile app a clone of your website

Having a mobile presence gets businesses a lot of advantages. But making your mobile app a clone of your website is a bad idea. 

Web Apps offer features and functions that a mobile website cannot. Mirroring your app as your website would be a waste of your resources and money. Also, mobile users have different expectations for an app as compared to a website. 

If your business mobile app isn’t different from your website, what’s the use of downloading the app?

It is always recommended to offer a completely different user experience from your mobile app. You may have some similarities as your website including color, theme, and brand image but don’t clone your app.

    10. Partnering With the Wrong Development Team

Most of the mobile app ideas fail because the wrong person developed it. This is an expensive mistake that needs to be avoided at all costs. 

Don’t let an inexperienced team develop your dream business app.  Most of the people pick the wrong development team to reduce their development cost.  Results? Getting an app that doesn’t meet your expectations. Choose a development team or company according to-

  • Their expertise in the field
  • Reviews/Feedback from their past clients


With plenty of opportunities in the mobile app market, making use of this amazing platform would surely get you profits, given that you avoid the above common unseen mobile app development mistakes.

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