Top 10 Trending Mobile App Technologies that can Skyrocket Your Business

Top 10 Trending Mobile App Technologies that can Skyrocket Your Business

The Mobile revolution has changed the way people used to shop, transfer money, buy groceries, and meet other day-to-day requirements. Hire Mobile app Developers have made our life so easy that we can get whatever we need in just a matter of seconds. Have you ever wondered what made these applications capable of fulfilling our ever growing demands?

Undoubtedly, its technology! Technology plays a crucial role in modernizing the Android and iPhone apps and delivering an ultimate customer experience. As the technology is continuously updating with each passing day, it has become necessary for the businesses to keep themselves upgraded with the ever changing customer demands through revolutionizing technologies.

In this article, we are keeping you updated about what’s new in the technological world and how you can update your existing business mobile app or come up with a new business app idea integrating these popular technologies of the recent times. Updating yourself to the best would not only help your business to reach its targeted customers but it will also deliver an unmatchable experience to your customers. Continue reading the top 10 trending technologies that you can consider for your next business mobile app development.

Top 10 Technologies to Consider for Mobile App Development


Artificial Intellegence

Artificial intelligence or AI-enabled app make a machine to think, act, and behave like humans. AI has been a trending technology every business is talking about. The technology is proving beneficial in the most complicated tasks, like recognizing speech, identifying patterns, forecasting weather, diagnosing diseases, and more with such an accuracy that no human can guarantee.

With performing these complicated tasks, the technology saves you huge time and cost. The examples of AI-based apps can be seen across vast areas and are used for scheduling trains, getting market predictions, facilitating driverless cars, monitoring traffic, offering personalized support services etc.


Augmented Reality is another most used technology of recent times that has been delivering an immersive and real-time experience to users. It has emerged as one of the key drivers of the tech economy with the total market value expected to reach $100 billion by 2020. The technology uses digital images and data to present the real-world and surroundings. The technology is being popularly used in many industries including Gaming, Medical Training, Retail business, Architecture Design & Modeling, Tourism & Entertainment Industry.


blockchain technology

With increasing concerns for ongoing data breaches and other security issues, businesses today look for high-security measures that can offer 360 degree security & privacy to its business data. Blockchain is one such technology that ensures the security and privacy of the business data as well as business transactions made over the web. Blockchain technology is an all-in-one solution for the utmost security of your business data flowing over the web and you need not require any third-party involvement. Many industries have started relying on this technology, the best example being financial and banking apps.


Biometric authentication in mobile devices is another crucial technology most business apps are considering for an adequate security & privacy of the user. Biometrics methods such as Finger scanner or Face recognition are being used to unlock your phone or an app that contains your sensitive information like bank account details. Research proves that more than 60% of smartphones come with fingerprint scanning capabilities and this feature is rapidly growing.

In 2023 and beyond, Mobile developers must be ready to integrate Biometric technologies such as FaceID or TouchID capabilities to their mobile apps for ‘that’ extra security & privacy.


Beacons technology has been here for quite some time now and is helping businesses and industries to effectively connect with their customers. The technology makes your virtual tours more personalized and makes information sharing even smoother. You can see the use of this technology in the form of beacon-enabled airports, mobile payments beacons, and even automated personal beacons.


Among so many mobile app development frameworks, considering some mature & viable alternatives to native development is another trend you will experience in 2022.  Hybrid frameworks such as React-Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Kotlin-Native are going to take over the mobile app development industry to something good. As managing and keeping up with multiple codebases for one mobile app is a challenging thing, a hybrid development framework would take over the mobile app developer’s toolbox the coming year. Using this technology will let you save much in cost, time and headaches particularly for developing MVPs or any early-stage product release.


VR in combination with AR are the top technologies in the mobile app development world. Similar to AR, this technology has the potential to take you to another world virtually. You can immerse yourself in a realistic environment and get an extremely amazing experience while playing mobile games and entertainment apps. 


The next big trend you will witness in mobile app development is- Cloud Tech-enabled apps! Cloud driven mobile apps hold a minimum space in a smartphone’s internal memory and directly fetch data from the cloud.

Cloud driven apps enable you to access their files, documents, images, and other data over the Internet remotely by using their mobile devices. Wondering why cloud mobile apps are on the rise? Here are some reasons-

  • Cloud mobile app offers you the freedom of opting for any platform.
  • Database integration is seamless
  • Cloud apps takes very time to develop
  • You need not install or download cloud-based mobile apps from app stores. You can utilize it directly by using a mobile browser.
  •  Data recovery is easy
  • Data storage is secure

With the rapid adoption of cloud-based apps, Internet of Things or IoT is one another most popular mobile app development trend you are/will witness. According to the report from IDC, spending on IoT is expected to reach up to $745 billion in 2020, and surpass $22 Billion by 2022.

Many companies are leveraging the power of IoT in their business mobile apps. Integrating mobile apps with IoT developments can dramatically improve personal satisfaction and reduce unnecessary physical work.  Following are some ways you can consider to leverage the power of Internet of Things-

  • Wearables
  •  Healthcare/Medical Devices
  •  Smart Homes & Smart Cities
  •  Agriculture

Chatbots are digital applications that facilitate human-like conversation to help your customers get a solution to their queries. There are various types of chatbots you can see: Some are in the form of virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Bixby, and there are other types of chatbots you may find on websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

Chatbots are one of the top mobile app development trends you will see in recent times. Not only it offers an interactive conversational experience to its users but also keeps your business operational 24X7 letting you save the most on hiring human staff. It would work exactly in a human-like manner even in the absence of humans. What else do you need?

Final Words

Mobile app development is continuously improving with the advent of new technologies. The discussed technologies are there to stay in the mobile app development field for a long. Integrating these technologies in your next business app can help you deliver excellent customer experience & growth.

So, now when you know enough about the latest technologies, start using them for your next mobile app development and deliver an unparalleled experience to your users.

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