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Leverage the power of mobile healthcare solutions to improve diagnosis, medical data interoperability, and patient results.

In today’s environment of rapid evolution and complexity, the healthcare industry is driven to become more digitally-enabled and customer-centric, as well as, have a scalable operational model to deliver improved services. By delivering robust healthcare app development solutions, we can help you empower your digital workforce and improve the patient experience.

We, at QSS Technosoft, make use of the systematic approach to offer tailored web and mobile development solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical sectors. Our mobile healthcare solutions can help you simplify your business workflow, reduce workload and eliminate human inaccuracy through automation.

With the use of agile development process, our team of experienced developers can help you create new apps, enhance and amplify the functionality of existing ones, and optimize app performance with the aim to bring down your maintenance overheads as low as possible.

Our Mobile Healthcare Solutions for Healthcare Industry

As a healthcare app development company, QSS Technosoft strives to deliver web & mobile app development solutions to help the healthcare industry reinforce operational efficiencies and streamline internal operations. Our suite of mobile healthcare solutions mainly includes:

  • Electronic Health Information Exchange

    We aim to build HIPPA-compliant electronic health information exchange mobile and web app solutions to empower medics, pharmacologist, and patients to access and securely share patient’s medical information anytime and from anywhere.

  • Patient traffic and Supply Management

    Whether you want to manage patient traffic, offer improved patient experience, track order status, and order procurement confirmations at the time of delivery, we develop process management apps to help you streamline all the time-consuming processes.

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR/PHR)

    We develop HIPAA-compliant electronic health record system that streamlines your document management and gives clinicians access to more comprehensive medical records anytime and anywhere from their mobile-based clinical applications, thereby saving your valuable time and improving patient care and regulatory compliance.

  • Prescription management

    We strive to build mobile prescription management apps to upload information related to a patient’s allergies, biometrics, and prescription reminders. Our apps help streamline prescription management while reducing the possibilities of treatment inaccuracies.

  • Medical Insurance Claim management

    With years of industry-specific experience, we build apps that span the wide gap between users and their insurance providers, as well as, help them obtain information about the latest insurance plan, related benefit that they can claim, and much more.

  • Diagnostic/Laboratory Management

    QSS Technosoft, a reputed healthcare app development company, endeavors to help you create customized solutions for you and your patients to view locations of nearby diagnostic/lab facilities, schedule appointments, make payments, and access and print lab test results. It also enables the end-users to set their preferred linguistic, locations, and much more.

  • Health Calculator App

    We create health calculator apps that help your patients to evaluate their health conditions and recommend fitness activities, diagnostic analysis, nutritional recommendations, etc.

  • Telehealth

    We specialize in creating powerful mobile apps that ensure live interaction between medics and patients. The apps enable the surgeons to deliver consultation services in regards to ongoing treatment, diagnosis and provide medical assistance to patients anytime and from anywhere.

  • Maintenance & ongoing support

    WOur seasoned team of qualified mobile app developers makes every effort to provide you round the clock and uninterrupted ongoing support and maintenance services for your web and mobile applications.

  • Technical Consulting

    By leveraging our extensive expertise in delivering business-centric solutions, we offer technical consulting services around healthcare app development and design services.

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