Healthcare Segments

Medical device Integration

There are many medical devices like BP monitor, Blood Sugar machine, ECG etc. which are supposed to be connected with web and mobile solutions in a real time operational mode via technologies like Bluetooth, NFC etc. We can arrange all these functions for you on your healthcare application.

Online Consultations

The need of the hour is to provide consultants with ability to provide online consultations to their patients through user friendly web and mobile solutions.

Preventive Healthcare

It’s high time when patients are being asked by doctors for preventive health checkups to stay healthy and fit. This is well facilitated using online web and mobile solutions.


In current busy times, patients are looking forward to get their orders placed for medicines online, instead visiting chemists shops. On the other hands, Pharmacists also looking for solutions to manage and maintain their pharmacy through elegant software solutions for Indoor and Outdoor patients.

POS integration

The way of billing and making payments against hospital admissions or health checkups are well organized and catered by software solutions, whatever be the mode of payment say, credit/debit cards, claims settlements or cash etc.

QSS Solutions and Offerings

QSS provides HIPPA compliant mobile, web, POS integration services by offering agility solutions to its clients with a dedicated team of highly motivated resources in its Healthcare competency and a best in class cost effective delivery model. We as a healthcare application development company have 5+ year experienced application developers who can turn your healthcare app idea to reality.

Client’s Gain – Diversify

  1. Cutting edge healthcare technology implementations with higher ROI
  2. Satisfied customers
  3. Increased customer loyalty
  4. Cost optimization
  5. Improved process management
  6. Enhanced productivity