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Blockchain App Development Services- Re-invent the way you transact with your Cryptocurrency.


Being a leading Blockchain development company in Dubai & Minnesota (USA), we have been successful in shaping our niche in the industry by delivering successful blockchain software development solutions on Blockchain networks like Ethereum, and Hyperledger regardless of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethers, Bitcoin, etc in the regions like USA, Dubai, Canada and Europe.

Unlock the top untapped capabilities of next-generation blockchain technology with QSS Technosoft Blockchain Development Services to improve security, achieve scalability, and create transparency with unwavering business processes.

Blockchain Development Service
Blockchain (Cryptocurrency) Application Development Company

Our qualified blockchain developers can help you right from the development services like a smart contract, wallet, token generation and sales of ERC-20 or utility tokens, faucet, airdrop, escrow services with KYC, smart tickets for blockchain events, and fully fledged ICO system for a crowd or community sales of tokens for fundraising, for the decentralized app needs of your business.

Blockchain App Development Company/Services

Enter the future of finance by adopting the revolutionizing features of Blockchain technology offered by QSS! We develop the most secure cryptocurrency wallet transforming the way you receive, send & transact your digital currencies over the online marketplace. Clients have appreciated us across the globe for our technical expertise.

Our Blockchain experts are capable of implementing solutions for blockchain platforms- DApp Development, Initial Coin Offering Solutions, Ethereum, and Hyper Ledger Solutions, Smart Ticketing Solutions & more. Being a trusted blockchain Development Company in India, we can help you make create decentralized apps over blockchain networks as a part of your business reality with our wide range of services that mainly cover:

Success Stories

We do feel privileged and honored to share our success stories, executing Blockchain projects in recent times

cryptocurrency trading
Crypto Currency Trading Social Platform

A responsive Web based application, developed as a secure, scalable, high performing social platform to buy, sell & exchange crypto currency.

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Blockchain Gaming Solution using Ethereum

Responsive web application that offers complete online Gaming Solution through DApps & allow playing games through exchange of crypto currency.

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