Smart Tickets Development Services

We build Smart Tickets using Smart Contracts to control selling in secondary market.


Fraud and extortionate secondary market (resale) ticket prices are the two main causes why Blockchain Smart Ticketing Solutions are introduced. Smart Tickets Development Services using Blockchain technology has revolutionized the industry by enhancing the security of ticket sales while effectively regulating the marketplace. If you are wondering about “Why use Blockchain? Why do ticketing companies need it?”, then we have got the complete answer for your query herein.Blockchain Smart Ticketing Technology is built to control & safeguard your transactions minimize frauds & resale in events ticketing. With Blockchain, you can control every ticket you’ve sold, identify every reseller. With Blockchain, you are able to record every transaction while keeping an eye on your buyers and resellers. With this, you can manage events and ticketing while dramatically reducing your costs.

Blockchain is seen changing the way tickets are sold in the online marketplace. It eliminates the ticketing black market risks. Today, several companies are launching blockchain technology. If you are too looking for a reliable Blockchain Development Company, then QSS Technosoft can be your ultimate choice. We are a promising Blockchain Smart Ticket Solution provider in India backed up by a 200+ expert team of developers and trusted by 30+ industries across the globe.

Smart Tickets Development Services

Blockchain Revolutionizing the Ticketing System- Why it is Required?

Fraud selling of tickets in the resale market is considered the biggest issue in the ticketing industry. This fraudulent activity snatches away the benefits for event participants in terms of value creation, and no one gets a share of the final price. QSS’s smart contract development on Solidity is the ultimate solution for fairly managing the events and ticketing.

Smart Tickets keep you track of each transaction on the Blockchain and identify re-sellers. In this way, you can easily manage your buyers & sellers without any fear of resale or fraud. The admin can control ticketing prices in secondary sales.

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Blockchain Smart Ticketing Features

Given below are the most considered features we offer as a Blockchain ticketing technology provider:

fraud protection
Fraud Prevention
Eliminating fraud in the secondary market is the ultimate benefit of choosing this technology. With smart ticketing, you can ultimately stop bulk-purchasing of your tickets on primary markets and reselling them on the secondary markets at higher prices.
ticketing protocol
Standardizing Ticketing Protocol
Our Smart Ticketing Solutions structure down the ticketing records. Most of the industries lack standardized ticketing protocols. QSS Technosoft has introduced Blockchain Smart Ticket development services for better control into the marketplace. With this, you can have a watch on detailed history of payment transactions.
smart contracts
Smart Tickets with Smart Contracts
We help you consider smart contracts programmable money. Our developers add logic to tickets and manage them on the Blockchain. With this, if an attendee buys the ticket for real, the price remains the same even if it was resold. This way we can use smart contracts to manage familiar tickets types.

How Smart Tickets Works- Solutions We Offer

We offer solutions where actual tickets are Blockchain-based tokens that remain in a purchaser’s electronic wallet. Tickets can be traded centrally but settled on the Blockchain networks. With our smart tickets solutions, fraudulent activities including selling or reselling of tickets for a higher price than initial are prevented and person-to-person ownership transfers are easy. Here are the other solutions we offer:

  • With our solutions, you can choose a segment of buyers. They can ultimately sell or resell the tickets via the Blockchain ecosystem. A ticketing API identifies such a segmented group of tickets through the Blockchain ecosystem.
  • After the buyer purchases a ticket via your ticketing service, the ticketing info will be sent to the Blockchain ecosystem via your API.
  • A mobile wallet will be created for the ticket buyer. An email with complete ticket info will be sent to the buyer, from the Blockchain ecosystem.
  • We create multi-party Smart contracts between the buyer, the ticketing services company, and the event organizer. Additionally, we can define the price as well as other things.
  • After purchase, each ticket will appear as a barcode at a certain defined time. This allows ticket tracking easily. Users trying to resell the ticket at any other place will be blocked from the system.

Why Choose QSS for Smart Ticket Services?

Looking to build a Blockchain-based ticketing application? Here are some good reasons to choose us your smart ticketing business partner:

  • We create a unique ticketing ecosystem offering you the option of creating smart contracts for fraud prevention and secure ticket-sale control.
  • Our expert blockchain developers well understand the Blockchain ecosystem development & explore cases based on distributed ledger technology.
  • Our developed smart tickets will not only be purchased by investors against tokens in the primary market but also be well controlled by admin for tickets price in secondary market sales.
  • Our developed ticketing solutions can help you manage events and ticketing while dramatically reducing your costs.