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We strive to develop applications for diverse platforms. Our solutions are seamlessly custom-made to the requirements of your business and your customers. Software apps that basically work on a specific platform fail to meet the shifting demands of modern businesses.

With the use of innovative and result-driven mobile application technologies and methodologies, we deliver effective solutions to efficiently improve and scale our apps.

The quality-driven mobile application technologies that differentiate us from our competitors

We work closely with our clients to deliver high-grade digital products. To accomplish this, we have created our own magic formula.

  • Agile methodology

    At QSS Technosoft, we make use of an unsurpassed mobile development methodology, including Scrum, Lean, and TDD for all our projects. Our seasoned team of qualified developers works in close cooperation with our clients throughout the development process.

  • Result-driven technologies

    We put into practice top-notch industry practices to protect applications and safeguard businesses and their clientele from the potential jeopardies. Our developers make use of reliable and fail-safe frameworks and libraries.

  • Highly-Advanced Architectures

    We build applications using the MVP and MVVM architectural configurations which empower us to seamlessly write error-free, sustainable, and testable code.

  • Customary design doctrines

    We turn to second to none software development doctrines, including SOLID, KISS, and DRY, when it comes to application development. These doctrines guarantee that your project is steadfast and considerably decrease the expenditure on modifications.

  • Exhaustive code reviews

    We conduct code evaluations as a consistent development run-through to enrich the quality of your app and the expertise of our development squad.

  • Repetitive testing

    We do believe in repetitive testing of the functional software application during the initial development lifecycle to quick fix any bug before delivering the final product.

  • Uninterrupted integration

    Once the new code has been seamlessly fused into the product, we implement Jenkins and Gitlab CI to inevitably pull together the builds. An uninterrupted integration process enables us to identify and resolve snags timely and with no trouble.

Focused on delivering unparalleled mobile app consulting services:

QSS Technosoft strives to deliver business-centric and enterprise-grade mobile app consulting services by primarily focusing on main attributes of developing the final product, including clean codes, maintainability, and scalability. Our qualified and experienced team is always glad to advise you on the optimal technical solutions.

  • Competent

    We carefully choose the right set of cutting-edge tech stack to ensure your app functions seamlessly without any bottlenecks. Our objects and classes are labelled unfailingly and deliver exhaustive interpretations to each segment of code.

  • Unswerving

    Our QA team keep abreast of the latest trends and mobile application technologies so that we can timely remove even the trivial bug. We carry out a broad-spectrum inspection for bugs in business logic and codebase.

  • Highly-Secured

    Whether you are setting up a banking app or developing a HIPAA-compliant medical platform, we bring into action encryption and protocols to ensure the security of your business mobile app which stores highly confidential data of your customers.

  • Sustainable

    We aim to design and develop the app’s architecture to accomplish exceptional maintainability and scalability. With the right implementation of a multi-tiered architecture, we can help you enhance the detached components of the code as desirable.

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