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Top 10 Xamarin Mobile Apps Built for 10 Different Business Domains

Xamarin is a perfect cross-platform tool equipped with amazing features like code re-usability, quick time-to-market, native UI, multiple platform compatibility, API access, and performance. These all features make this cross-platform app development framework a profitable solution for businesses based across a wide range of domains.

Xamarin is certainly a step ahead from other competitor technologies and this is the reason why the world’s leading tech giants are looking to hire Xamarin developers for their business app development needs. 

One can witness the tremendous potential of Xamarin in industries varying from Gaming, Ecommerce, Media to Hospitality, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. In this article, we are making you aware of the 10 most popular apps that are built using Xamarin and have grabbed attraction of the people around the world.

1. Just Giving: Online Fundraising Platform

Just giving

JustGiving- an online fundraising app is built with Xamarin cross-platform technology. Compatible with both Android & iOS devices, the app functions to raise charitable donations from around the world while connecting the fundraisers and donors across 164 countries. The app facilitates requesting donations, tracking the raised funds, share the cause etc.

Category: Charity

2. Storyo: Storytelling Video Maker App


Storyo is a storytelling mobile app built with Xamarin technology. The app is an amazing visual storyteller that enables its users to create videos out of photos and presents them in a story form with all contextual information. The app is currently active in 170 countries.

Category: Photo & Video

3. The World Bank: Survey Conducting App

The world bank

World Bank’s survey conducting app is built in Xamarin. Earlier the organization was using the legacy paper and laptop-based methods to conduct surveys, which were time taking and inconvenient. The app is able to collect data from a vast number of individuals on smartphones and tablets keeping the data confidentiality retained.

Category: Finance

4. FreshDirect: Online Food & Grocery

fresh direct

FreshDirect is an online food & grocery delivery app that allows you to order from a big catalog of 15K products. The Xamarin built app is loaded with some amazing features for both Android and iOS users that include visual Studio for Mac, HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud, automated app testing & updates. Xamarin’s potential capabilities like good customer engagement and seamless on-demand services made this app a great hit among users worldwide.

Category: Food (On-demand) 

5. Insightly: CRM and Project Management


Insightly- a popular CRM & Project Management app, has reached a milestone hitting over 200,000 mobile app downloads around the world. The app keeps the sales team updated about every information required to close business deals. Built with Xamarin, Insightly deliver native-like API’s & performance while sharing 65% of the code for Android and iOS platforms.

Category: Business

6. MRW Courier Mobile App


MRW is a Xamarin-powered navigation mobile app that offers users the ability to track their shipments and keep a watch on their order status at any time and any place. With the app, you can also locate the nearest MRW office and contact them via web & social media channels.

Category: Maps & Navigation

7. Alaska Airlines- A Travel App

Alaska Airlines’ Xamarin companion mobile app is been operational from the last 75 years. This first North American airline helps users explore options, book trips, check-in, move hassle-free through airports, and find all the flight information as required by you. The app is loaded with multiple native-like features such as Touch ID, push notifications, and seamless experience across all platforms.

Category: Tour & Travel

8. Transistor Games App

This game app was first developed for PC and Xbox after which it was transformed into a Xamarin mobile game. The app offers an amazing gaming experience to game lovers around the world. It has been selected as one of the best Games apps on App Store in 2015,.

Category: Games

9. APX: Environmental Asset Tracker App


APX’s Environmental asset tracker app offers great advantages for deskless workers. With the help of the app, field service mechanics & workers can communicate and operate through body gestures and hands-free speech features.  The app maintains great coordination between aerial and ground staff since the app well captures and tracks work-in-progress by clicking field pictures and videos. 

Category: Environment

10. Evolve – Health Made Simple

Evolve healthcare mobile app is working with a motto of- “A healthy life being easily accessible to anyone.” Evolve’s Xamarin app motivates you to exercise every day with a daily workout plan. The app allows you to stay healthy with a daily meal plan designed by certified dieticians while helping you track your total calorie and nutrients intake. This Xamarin-based app offers you an added advantage of voice support and a barcode facility to search for your food.

Category: Health & Fitness

Planning to Develop your Next App with Xamarin?

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, the mobile app business is booming like never before. Among many feature-packed mobile app platforms, Xamarin is a trending cross-platform app development technology that is quite versatile. So, if you have plans to expand your business on multiple mobile platforms, Xamarin can be chosen with a high level of confidence.

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