Top 5 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail !

After hearing the stories of so many android app developers we find the top five reasons why most mobile apps fail as a business.
Problem 1: Making A Complicated Mobile App

As we know business website or web application work in a similar fashion- log in authentication, navigation between pages, search the resources they are looking for perform the preferred task. But mobile apps are very different; they are built with a limited set of tasks in mind and enable users to quickly perform these tasks while on the run with minimal navigation. If you build your mobile app like your website, you will not succeed.
Problem 2: Underestimate Resources

As we know that creating an enterprise mobile app costs approximately $300-$500 /year. It’s very tough task to find quality developers who can develops quality products as per our need in limited resources. Without quality skills and resources your app can’t be succeed in app market.
Problem 3: Poor App Design

Poor app design is responsible for failure of a large number of apps. Well designed apps have certain characteristics in common- a proper interface, cool theme, proper navigation, and well placed buttons makes your app perfect.
Problem 4: Neglecting The Competition

Generally, mobile app startups are advised to focus on their own venture rather than getting distracted by the competition.
Problem 5: Poor Marketing Strategy

Poor marketing strategy is one of the most important reasons of app failure in market. Most mobile app startups that fail often use all their resources in developing and executing the app, but completely miss the marketing process and fail to create a powerful, well-designed marketing plan across platforms.


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